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Bang Out a Revolution


What a great pattern, especially the finishing details. Yarn is discontinued Pediboo Sport tonal, wool and bamboo, which I reclaimed from 2 dissatisfying attempts at shawls, and finally got it right. My gauge was much smaller so I went up to size 3 to get a size 2. Very happy with the result.


Done, except for blocking! Power was out today due to high winds and trees falling down, what could I do but knit?!


Wow! Nothing like a power outage—this is so beautiful!


I love your yarn. Honestly, this photo makes my heart sing. This sweater will be beautiful



Also dealing with the winds… crazy weather!


Thank you so much! I have a lot of stash but my heart was set on a yellow sweater for Spring, I had no yellow in my stash, and discovered that there aren’t a lot of yellow yarns out there in DK. This is Lana Gatto Feeling yarn which had great reviews on Ravelry and a sweater’s worth of it at gave me a discount so it wasn’t too expensive either. It’s a “lighter” DK than what Norah designed this sweater for and after swatching, I liked the look of it on smaller needles with more stitches per inch so I’m making one size larger than I would usually knit, in order to get the size I want. At least I hope I figured it correctly. It’s a project on Ravelry and where I did the math is on the project page. I’m past separating for sleeves and am continuing to saunter along on the body, smile.


It’s all done and drying from a nice soak in Eucalan. This was such an awesome project and great challenge. I am so much more confident with cables and have learned to like magic loop for sleeves.


It’s absolutely gorgeous!


Washed, dried, and oh so soft!


Just lovely​:blue_heart::sparkling_heart: What yarn?


Malabrigo Rios, a superwash wool. The color is Teal Feather.


Gorgeous color and great fit!


It has been such a blast to see everyone working on their Bang Outs. I finished my Liberty Tree Pullover With Elaine’s Capelet Yoke and wrote about it in a post today, My Norah Gaughan Pullover: Tips ’n’ Tricks.

The collar modification was the biggest alteration I made, so if you’re contemplating your collar plan, it might be worth a look.


Done except for the zipper. It is still in transit. This was a great knit and a fun knitalong. Thanks to Norah and MDK. My modifications we’re long sleeves with cable motif on the cuffs, and a longer length. The lacey bit between the cables is my misreading of the instructions turned into a design element.:sunglasses:


Finished! Well, except for soaking, blocking and sewing on the buttons. I actually finished it Sunday but I have been too busy petting and loving it to give it a bath. I can’t believe I have banged out a whole sweater in February!


26 days and I have a new sweater made from stash yarn! Feeling like a champ. I have bed head today so torso photos. I knit this on size 4 and 5 needles for denser fabric in the hope that it doesn’t grow much. Love @norahgaughan wrote #interchange which is perfect for things such as gauge adjustment. This baby is heading for an Alaskan adventure soon :two_hearts:. Thank you all for the #inspiration


Oh, what a glorious thing to see–the color is so great! Congratulations!


Ditto! Love that color and the sleeve length! And Ann, your sweater looks marvelous. So many sweaters to admire.
I’ve taken a break on mine, but after I finish a couple of baby things, I’ll jump back on it. Happy with how it fits so far.


Thank you! I love the color and this yarn was lovely to work with.


I totally :two_hearts: your collar mods. I will do this another time. I love the hemmed neck in swirl topper too, but your mods will make it more all season with my long sleeves.