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Bang Out a Revolution


Back on track! I’m alternating skeins for a few more rounds…


Woohoo! Knitting done. Finishing won’t be done by Thursday (hem sewing for me requires good light and good sleep). Either way, I’m calling it a win. Really happy with this Almost FO.

Thanks @Ann1, @Kay, and @Norahgn and all of the rest of you for the inspiration.


Beautiful! I love the long sleeves.

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My pleasure! I’m so glad that it could help somebody out. Check out her other videos if you get the chance!

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Well, I got to the end of the stranding!!! I finished on Sunday (2/24) & had a brief thought that I could do idiot knitting for the next few days and really finish. Ain’t gonna happen… When I finally looked at what the body entailed, there’s a whole lot more stuff to do than just SS for 10’. Sigh…
Was very happy to read Ann (or Kay?)'s comment that the calendar does not matter. This means that even if I can’t finish by February 28, I know I can finish it by February 59!!


Ready to block!! I’m so happy with how the Calligraphy Cardigan turned out. I used KPCyarn in the Lovat DK, color sailboat.

Calligraphy Sweater

I love the neck on this!

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Gorgeous. Love the colour❤️


This may be too late for many of you, but this is what I do when I knit a sleeve at a time, rather than both at a time -
I always place a marker at each decrease.
When I begin the second sleeve I piggyback a second marker on each of the finished sleeve markers and use that second marker when I reach the same point on sleeve #2.
(I hope that) you can see here that I have completed the 2nd decrease -
The dark metal markers are a little hard to see, I’ll remember that next time I shoot.


Done. Zipper is in and makes the sweater so usable for me.


This sweater is officially banged. Knitting is done, loose ends woven in, not that there were actually very many to do, thanks to Norah’s excellent top down design. I can’t lie, I did make it just a little too big, dang it. I ALWAYS do that! Even when I sew clothing or buy it ready to wear. Oh well, I still love my sweater and there’s room underneath for a turtleneck or a thermal undershirt which means I can wear it outside on chilly days with no coat. Here’s what it looks like:

It’s not blocked yet, but it looks pretty nice on, even without blocking.

I can’t believe I actually finished this sweater in 26 days, that’s a record sweater completion time for me. It usually takes me months, if not years to actually finish a sweater. A big thanks to Norah for such a fun design, sort of like an all you can knit sweater buffet! And thanks Kay and Ann for challenging us to get outside of out knitting comfort zone, I learned a lot with this project, and I’ve been knitting for DECADES!



Lynn! What a triumph! This totally makes my day to see all those fleckly bits and the epic DONEness of this sweater. Congratulations! Wear it with joy.


This is beautiful. You did and awesome job.

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I finished the body of my Liberty Tree last night. I knit 11 inches after the underarm and did 2 inches of ribbing.


What a beautiful sweater!! Love the speckled yarn.


Beautiful!! I love how your neck stitches are left live… so no picking up stitches at the end.


I just need sleeves and a neck. Mine is a bit big too but I’d rather it big than too small!!


Thank you. Me too!


Thank you. That is straight from the pattern!


Soooo pretty! Love the tonal color.