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Bang Out a Revolution


Great idea. I’m on the button band and I might reconsider😍


The knitting will be done today! Just a 2" hem on one sleeve left. Sewing the hems and blocking will happen on the weekend. This is remarkable - I’ve never knit a sweater this fast! Thanks to everyone for tips and inspiration!


I got a great deal more done last night, and all I have left is 1/4 sleeve and the front button bands! It’s going to be a race, though, we’re on the way to the nephrologist in an hour to see if my nearly 2cm kidney stone has gone the way of gravity or if they have to take me back to surgery…

If anyone hears a purple and pink haired lady on a gurney yelling “you can’t have it yet, the KAL doesn’t end till midnight!,” please assure them that I’m relatively sane the rest of the time. Hubby swears he won’t lie about it…

BTW, if I need 126 stitches to pick up and knit, and I wound up with 145 rows because I wanted to cover my tummy, what is the ratio? It can’t be 8/1, can it?


I would pick up 3 stitches over 4 rows, which will result in 108/109. I don’t have my book here so I don’t know what the repeat for the band is, but you can easily increase (I do a kfb in the 2nd k of k2,p2, then just do p1 to add a stitch)
Hope this helps…


now soaking…


This has been a blast! Due to a premature birth, I will be hibernating my Capelet and switching to knitting a pair of Duck Boots (the infant equivalent of Bean Boots!) Gotta keep her feet warm in New Hampshire! But I will get her done!!


Congratulations & Best wishes for the new baby!


Well, I have sauntered about 1/3 of the way through my Calligraphy Sweater as we near the official end of this KAL. (I’m also working on the fingerless mitt from hell in a mitten KAL - they’re going to be oh-so-pretty but twisted stitches and colorwork using rustic yarn that doesn’t give much on 9” circs…now that is really slow going!) I bought a pretty “hippie” 70’s grosgrain ribbon to use on the inside of the button bands since this is a lighter weight yarn - which also really shows my “turnarounds” on the short rows on the front of the sweater but I’m hoping those will block out when I’m done. The color makes me happy and the Calligraphy design even happier and I should be done just in time for Spring weather. Will be making 3/4 sleeves I think.


I hope your exam goes well and I love the color of your cardigan! Your sense of humor tickled my funnybone. I look forward to seeing your final sweater!


Really lovely. Perfect yarn for this sweater!


Super cute;) That ribbon just adds to the Spring look😍


I have loved this Bang out a revolution!! Would never have finished without the push. I finished my calligraphy posted earlier and cast on for a capelet. Just finished weaving in all the ends. Will definitely make more from revolution and the interchange. Thanks for great patterns to work from and great people to knit with. Here’s my capelet. Will block tomorrow.


So darned cute!



Has anyone heard from/seen Kimacnz??

The first thing I saw when I got back from the doctor was an email from my daughter and a notification that her (and mine, when I’m up there) LYS has been flooded and will be closed for a while.

I’m a little bit worried - between the schools closed for the flu and all the flooding, and I believe she lives pretty close, I hope she’s ok!


Buttons arrived Monday and were sewed on. I have worn it several times this week and love it. Thank you for all the help and inspiration for everyone.


Still needs a bath and weaving in a few ends, but final cast off was last night at 10:34pm. This might be the best fitting sweater I’ve made yet!


It’s beautiful! Great color on you!


Thank you! It’s The Plucky Knitter color Tomato Jam. They are actually retiring the color after this weekend! :sob:


well I’m amazed that I did it. Still needs buttons and blocking. I really enjoyed this challenge and found the pattern a delight to follow. Also love the yarn-it’s kept me busy for the month of February while waiting for my next challenge-hip surgery on tuesday-big thanks to Norah Gaughn and the Mason Dixon knitters😍


It’s beautiful :heart_eyes::+1: What yarn did you use? I ask because it looks like my Hektos Sauge Argentee