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Bang Out a Revolution


Well, I almost made it in time… Still needs buttons and blocking but I am quite pleased. Decided to lengthen the sleeves and played a little yarn chicken, but much easier to do with two at a time magic loop. I used every bit of yarn and got the sleeves to just below my elbow, which is where I shove them up to most of the time. Love the pattern and the yarn!


I used “the Periwinkle Sheep” merino DK dyed for Mason Dixon knitting-it was such a pleasure knitting with it😍oh, color hydrangea!


Amazing how similar they are!


So true, love that yarn!


Sooo pretty! Good luck in your hip surgery on Tuesday and have a speedy recovery:)


I recently modified the sleeves of I See Spring for my generous upper arms. Tried several approaches before realizing the math was a system of equations. I found a sequence that worked: dec’s every 6 rounds to the elbow, then every 4 rounds to wrist. I had to create a slightly larger armhole in the body of the sweater. My sleeve began and ended with a multiple of 4 st. If you’re knitting the sleeves in the round, you could do dec every 5th or 3rd round as needed. Knowing your row gauge is essential. Just lick your pencil lead and get to it!


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I made mine 2 inches and sewed the hem from the live stitches. My gauge for 2 inches equaled 12 rows, I sewed onto the 13th row. Happy with the edge. Will post a pic today.


I love your yarn. What are you using? Looks great!


I finished my Swirl on Thursday during our last leg of driving from Nevada to Washington. Great car project. Really fun knit. I added length and created an a-line shape with some princess seam increases. Fits great! My usual blocking squares are out of service, so I used my sewing magnets for blocking.


I decided to just follow the decreases for the Liberty Tree sleeves - decrease two stitches every 10 rows six times and then once every eight rows which got me to 11 inches and then finished with one inch of ribbing. Perfect length for me and exactly the width I needed.


Gorgeous. Great job


Finished, washed and blocked Calligraphy Cardigan. It fits, is soft and pretty.

In the interest of improving, I have a couple of questions,…

-I had a big hole st the bottom of the short sleeve. I fixed it but what did I do wrong?

-also how did you finish the top and bottom of button band so it matched Neck/collar and bottom edge?



Looks great, love your yarn.


I can’t answer about the big hole but on matching the top and bottom of button band I followed the directions which has you work the first and last stitch of band in garter stitch. Note the row two directions which has you work k1 p1 instead of the p2 you expect with ribbing. This gives you a garter edge at top and bottom of band.


What a stunning sweater!!


I found this technique works great for avoiding underarm holes:


Thank you!


Thanks so much for responding. I am looking forward to wearing the sweater today

Roz T


Great video. Thank you.


I participated in this challenge but failed to post. My skills are limited and I rely on a granddaughter for help. But I want to grow and “better late than never”.
The sweater was cast on February first and finished on the 24th in order to wear it to an Oscars party.
It helped to do a full cable with the swatch. The decision to not alternate yarns while doing the cable created a definite color change in the yoke that I am now calling a design decision. There is also an extra twist in the right side first cable.
I found the instructions very helpful for the three bands. I also knit in the back of the loop and that made for a good firm consistency. I got discouraged many times in the process of knitting but the button bands really made it all come together and I love wearing this sweater.