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Bang Out a Revolution


I love Barbara Walker’s books, but there I already have the interchangeability built in to the revolution pattern. If you’d like to change gauge I’d recommend my Interchange pattern on Ravelry. The BW book wouldn’t go into the change of gauge from cable to st st and how that’s really part of the yoke shaping.


No need to get that complicated though - see my reply to ddtheriault.


Thanks so much Nell.
I think I’m gonna try a sweater :sunglasses:


Jane Ellen Mark–Not sure I’m doing the picture thing right–I’ll see what happens in the post. I have sooo many WIPs, it’s a bit crazy to add this February project to the mix–but dreaming it up and taking it on is too appealing. I thought I’d decided on the Liberty Tree pullover (in Hektos plum, which I’ve ordered), but now after reading all your posts I’m having second thoughts about the design. But should have enough yarn for whatever I settle on. Hm . . .


Oh my gosh, obviously not doing the picture thing right! Didn’t mean to add that huge picture, thought it would be filling in my little circle. Sorry!


OK, I think I’m done deliberating. I want to make the (Liberty Tree) pullover silhouette with the Rope & Braid yoke, from the Interchangeability group. I know it would be simpler to follow choosing one of the three Revolution cable designs, but I like the Rope & Braid best. I’m guessing I’m sacrificing a written-out pattern for a chart on the yoke, but if I order the Interchangeability pattern, is that going to get me where I need to go using the Revolution pullover silhouette? And I’ve ordered 1200 yards of Hektos for the medium size, will that be enough as long as I’m not doing the more flowing silhouette of the full Interchangeability pattern? Thanks!


I love seeing your huge picture! What a cute pair you make!


I am SO EXCITED to bang out a Revolution. Waffling between the short-sleeved cardi (which I might actually finish) and the flared body with long sleeves (which looks so comfy!) I am drooling over the Rope and Braid but probably will go with Calligraphy or Liberty Tree as they are not as deep (or is it dense?) and I think would be kinder to my figure.

Interchange suggests using the StashBot or Knit Handy apps to calculate yardage needed for those patterns, but those are only available for iPhone – can anyone recommend an app that will do the calculations that works on Android? I have some yarn that I would like to use, but I would like to make sure that I have enough!


Thanks, Ann—and perhaps only appropriate that the funder of all my knitting craziness should be pictured :slight_smile:


I put you two in your avatar! ; )


Oh, thanks!


You are not alone in finishing the Carbeth just in time to start the Revolution…


I plan to use the Calligraphy yoke for the long-sleeve pullover (liberty tree) shape. The Calligraphy cardigan has the chest size I would like (37.5"), as opposed to the Liberty 36". The stitch count seems to be the same. Is the difference just the button band? Any thoughts, other than loosening gauge a tiny bit, about how to get to approx 37-38"? Thank you!
Pam R


Wow!! That’s what I had decided on all by my lonesome!!! How cool is that??!! My instincts are working. Thank you so much for answering my question.


There is always The Quarter Stitch (is it still there?)


Thank you!


Yay! I always love a bit of company in the slowpoke lane!!! :wink:


Just curious, why did you swatch both stockinette and the cables?


Good question! I swatched the stockinette to check gauge, but I haven’t knit cables in a long time, so I swatched the cables to check me. I made a couple minor mistakes that would have frustrated me if it was in the sweater itself, so I’m glad I did! I used a color highlighter to help me see more easily on the chart which way the cables go :wink:


I’m not Norah, but my answer to your question is yes and yes. I’m doing the same mod and trying to decide the best bust measurement too. Which yarn are you using?