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Bang Out a Revolution


This is fantastic! Congratulations.


Wearing my Swirl Topper for the first time today. Added a layer, as it was 15° F when I left for work. Turned out exactly as planned. I love the Interchange instructions. I learned so much on this challenge!


Great work!! Love that xtra cable twist;) makes the sweater perfectly wabi sabi!


The color, the fit, looks Mahvelous😊


How beautiful! Congratulations–I think this last arctic blast was designed to let us all wear our Bang Outs with intention . . .


It looks fabulous!!!


Love my new sweater. This is the first sweater I’ve made that I am totally happy with. I usually have flaws to point out to people. This is fun!


Beautiful! The fit is fabulous. Also, I want to live wherever that picture was taken.


Just finished finished finished my swirl!
Modifications: cast on and knit a separate collar, and grafted it onto neck to emphasize the birth of the swirl.
Love the result! Thankyou daughter dear for the suggestion!!!
Also hem facings are in a contrast color of slightly lighter weight yarn.


It’s beautiful! Great job!



This is astonishingly lovely. Congrats.


Why Thankyou!!!


Beautiful color! It looks great!


Congratulations! You are an inspiration and I love your sweater! Best wishes on your surgery.


Of all the Bang Outs I’ve seen, this is my favorite! Well done, you!


I finished this before the end of February and wanted to share what it actually looks like on me.


Thank you!


Great job!


Great color on you!!