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Bang Out a Revolution


Thankyou very much!


Ends and hems finally sewn. Very, very happy.


Oh wow!!! That looks fabulous @sabograd😍


Thank you!


Love the colors. Would not have thought to use striping yarn like that with cables but this is beautiful. What yarn?


It looks stunning! Fabulous yarn choice- would never have thought of that. I’m inspired😀


Makes me think of warm embers on a cold winter evening. Beautiful, congratulations!


Thank you so much! I love that description.


JOJOland melody . Almost a worsted weight. I alternated balls after the yoke to fuse the striping more.


Thankyou very much!!!


Thankyou so much!


Thanks. Just beautiful


February 45th! Baby taken care of so making progress again:

Now, your thoughts. I am considering a second color for SSt or seed stitch “hem”. … Can’t decide…


Oops. Photos didn’t upload…




Are you talking about the inside of the hem? I thought about it too. I love the idea. I think I would have done it if the hem on mine was wider fitting.


Yes. I may just do a few rows and see how I like it.


Wow! Turned out great!


I’m finally to the ribbing on the bottom of Calligraphy and re-checking the threads about the bind-off I’m not sure what to do. I looked for errata on it since everyone seemed to disagree with the original instructions to end on a WS row, knit 1 row, and bind off purlwise. So there was a discussion about ending on a RS row, knitting 1 row on the WS, then binding off purlwise but then someone said she had an email from Norah saying that the ribbing should be bound off knitwise on a wrong side row so I’m hoping that someone will clarify just what the bind off is for the ribbing. If I don’t get a response I’ll choose one of the two latter rather than what the instructions say since people show that giving you a wavy bottom. Or ssjust look at the last sweater I knit and see what those instructions were. I guess I never thought about the bind off, just followed instructions on the pattern. Thanks for any advice if anyone sees this!


Nanci here again. You can ignore my question about the proper Calligraphy bind off —looks like every sweater pattern I’ve knitted, I’ve bound off in pattern so I will just bind off in 2 x 2 rib pattern, problem solved, smile.