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Bang Out a Revolution


I’m a bit confused on the instructions for Calligraphy and Liberty. You cast on, then go immediately into the cabled yoke, then the directions that follow are for short rows. So - the short rows are done after the cabled yoke is completely finished? It seems the short rows will be rather low down on the back of the sweater in that case - which makes me think I’m misunderstanding the directions…?


Great idea on the highlighting! I’m swatching now and will probably only do the st. st.


Are there adjustments in the patterns for yarn weight? I’d like to do the Liberty Tree with DK yarn in my stash - the Calligraphy appears to be in DK but the S&C is worsted weight.

I just wore my Stopover yesterday but haven’t done the Bang Out a Sweater since then - just retired in September so am looking forward to doing it this year!


The gauge for the Liberty Tree Pullover is 20 stitches = 4". You should be able to make the Liberty Tree with DK yarn from your stash–but the key is to swatch it to make sure you’re getting 20 stitches = 4" gauge.


The short rows do follow the completion of the yoke, and it looks good. : )


Thank you!


Thank you! This will only be the 4th sweater I’ve knit, so sometimes visualizing it before I’ve got the needles and yarn in my hands is not accurate. :slight_smile:


I’m going to make the Liberty Tree pullover in Berocco Ultra Wool, color Basil. It was on sale at Churchmouse!


I’ve ordered Hektos (in grey). What are you using?


I am in with Baroque! I have Owl in stash and a freezing cubicle at work. A match made in heaven


Thank you! I thought I could do that but as a complete beginner, I thought that seemed too simple to be true. I am beyond excited to get started. I’ve even knitted my swatch to test the gauge- first time ever. I feel so grown up- like a real knitter!:joy:


OMGoodness, we’ll be twins. Isn’t that yarn just gorgeous???


Hi there.
I’ve always wanted to participate in a knitalong, but haven’t had the time to commit until now. This particular knitalong is speaking to me as the project I want to dive into with the community I am craving!
I’d like to be all in on this one, with a Norah Gaughan pattern I’ve had my eye on for years - Dickson - there’s just one minor detail. It’s a skirt. Dickson I’m telling myself that a skirt is sort of like a sweater without sleeves …right?
So, I’m waiting for the jury on this one, what do you experienced knitalongers say? Is it a go? Or is it too far off? And is it wrong to enter into my very first knitalong with such a caveat?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


What a gorgeous pattern! My vote is that it counts as a sweater. It is a sweater for your legs instead of your torso :wink:


I had planned to not Bang along a sweater in February, however…saw a pattern yesterday that I quickly became obsessed with! Couldn’t stop thinking about it so I got out of bed to get my credit card @ 11:15 pm (then I slept well) lol. The designer knit it with Julie Asselin’s Hektos, big part of the reason I love it😍 My quandary now is justifying that extravagant of a yarn purchase to knit my first sweater. Any thoughts?!


Norah or Nell, pattern question-- I am planning to knit the Rope & Braid yoke with the Liberty Tree pullover body. Both patterns end up, after the body-sleeve divide, with 200 sts. for the body–so that should work great. However, as I calculate, it looks like the Rope & Braid yoke body-sleeve division leaves you with 60 sts. for each sleeve, and the Liberty Tree sleeves start out with 63 sts. each. What would you recommend for the 60-st. Rope & Braid sleeve to be 63 sts. for the start of the Liberty Tree sleeves? Thanks! My Hektos is arriving today, can’t wait to wind a skein and start swatching. It’s cheating to start the sweater yet, though, right?!


This is a very good question. 3 st = over 1/2". So - are the top of your arms slim/full is the first question I’d have. Also do look at the number of cast on stitches at each of the patterns underarms. What does that do to the equation? (I’m away from my pattern files)


Mine hasn’t arrived yet, but I can’'t wait! I’m going to try to make myself finish my Carbeth first - just have to do the icord edging.


Thanks, Nell. I think I’ve figured it out. The Liberty pattern has you pick up from the underarm cast-on stitches for starting the sleeves actually 2 more than you cast on–1 per side. Telling me that that’s an option for increasing the number of stitches at the top of the sleeve. “Rope & Braid” has me pick up 7 sts. each side of underarm side seam when dividing for sleeves/body; I’ll pick up 8 each side instead, increasing 2. Then I’ll pick up 1 more than that on just one side when I start the sleeve–will give me 3 additional sts. to bridge the gap between 60 (Rope & Braid divide) and 63 (Liberty Tree start). My arms are average, I’d say, not super-slender but not full-full. So I want to go with the Liberty sleeve, not the Rope & Braid–which is narrower all the way down. Will do the Liberty Tree body and sleeves both with the Rope & Braid yoke. Hope I’ve explained that somewhat clearly :slight_smile:


I grew up very close to Carbeth. It is just outside Glasgow and very easy to pronounce. Two syllables with equal weight Car (as in automobile) and Beth ( as in abbreviated Elizabeth) . As long as you say it with confidence everyone else will think you are right. Unless you run into a Scot like me. Every country has its interestingly pronounced places. It took me till my teens to learn to say Arkansas properly. Have a go at Milngavie. Another town on the edge of Glasgow! It is pronounced. Mul Guy.The wonders of placenames.