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Bang Out a Revolution


Got the Spud & Chloe Sweater, did my swatch, got gauge, all set for the Liberty Tree Pullover as written. A note on gauge, Sweater is Superwash. The gauge was slightly big till I damp dried it in the dryer, then it was right where I needed it to be.


Thanks! That is exactly how I have been pronouncing it!!! With confidence! I can now feel a bit smug too!


I’m thinking of the Liberty Tree Pullover with the Rooe & Braid cable


This Bang Out is timed perfectly for me! I will be cat-sitting in New Hampshire for the month. I’ve chosen the Caplet. Since I have vowed to use stash this year (!), I am checking out my KAL abandoned Rowan Superwash Pure Wool for possibilities. This is fun!


Definitely worth doing in Hektos! You’re investing a lot of time and self into this project and want to give it the best chance to be beautiful, a sweater you will wear “forever” and be pleased with. I have swatched the Hektos, it’s a lovely yarn. And divide hours of making it into cost, low-priced “entertainment.” The enjoyment of the process is as important to me as the finished project, and good yarn is a big part of the enjoyment. And needles you love and work well with the yarn. The cashmere and silk with the merino add warmth, a tiny bit of sheen, softness, and just the right amount of drape—lovely sweater fabric.


Oh, that was fabulous yarn.


Thank you for your encouraging words. That seals the deal for me!!
Ordering Hektos today, as a birthday present to myself​:gift::birthday:


So glad! And Happy Birthday! Presents to self are sometimes the best kind :wink: What color did you choose?


Thank you and yes; I’m worth it!!
I am pretty certain I’ll go with Sauge Argentee, but I just emailed the choices to my daughter and asked her opinion. I was thinking about using London but I’m knitting with a dark yarn now and I find it hard on my eyes


Great to know. I figure if I don’t have enough of one color, I could do a 2 color one. I wonder what that would look like…


That color is gorgeous! And would be a good neutral, really, could be worn with many colors. And will show your cabling nicely.


I luv the color😍just hope the yarn is true to the pics!! However, I’m not banging out a Norah Gaughan, so I really shouldn’t even be in this conversation thread;)


I am going to be using the Rope and Braid tunic pattern but with the LadyBug yoke (I think) in a very soft Ella Rae alpaca. It’s a rust color and I can’t wait to get starting. Also doing the 90 day sweater challenge with Loops, so will have plenty of encouragement.


I’ve blogged about how I approach knitting a swatch for working in the round:


I’m working on swatching calligraphy in the round but I’m also confused when I get to row 3. It seems like you’re actually adding 4 stitches to the cable (charted section) that row: your initial purl starts one stitch earlier and ends one stitch later at beginning and end of the chart - so, extending the charted section by 2 stitches. Then, you also make 2 increases in the knit sections of the chart on row 3 - so, extending another 2 stitches. But then row 4 only seems to be increased by 2 stitches… ? Maybe I’m not converting a chart intended to work flat to working in the round correctly??


I see what you’re thinking, but-
the extension of the chart just makes room for the M1’s and is not in addition to them.
All of the purls still stack but now you’ll have 4 rather than 3 knit stitches. Does this make sense?


Oh! Ok, I’ve got to go back. :slight_smile: so, even though the chart is extending, I am starting that first purl in the same spot, stacked above the previous first purl? (If I understand correctly, that first purl each row is not part of the calligraphy cable section, but rather a purl stitch that will sit between each cabled section… I believe?)


One more thing: if I work the chart in the round instead of flat, should I do the yarnovers differently? As I’ll be ‘working on the front’ of the fabric even on the odd rows, I’m not sure if I need to do those differently.


Yes. The first stitch of the chart is not part of the repeat, so when you work this pattern in the round you will omit that first stitch. The yarnovers are written for the RS row, so there is no need to work them in any other fashion. I’m not positive that working the stitch through the back loop on the RS vs the WS is going to make a huge difference, however consistency will.


Ah yes. :slight_smile: Thank you! I’ve worked lots of charts for colorwork and lace, but I haven’t done a ton of cable work. Then, trying to change from flat instructions to the round - my mind is a bit boggled. I appreciate your guidance!