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Brioche: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore


I agree - sent her an email as well!


Thanks, y’all–working on this and will let you know asap!


I’m sorry that you’ve run into this, and thanks for bringing it up.
All stitches that aren’t in the increase or decrease should be worked as established, so please work those 2 stitches in the pattern.


Thanks Nell. I love the pattern so far!


Well, I finished the Nesting Wrap! I just need to block it and take pictures. It’s long, lovely, soft and luxurious - everything I was looking for! Thank you for a great pattern, Bristol Ivy!


I can’t wait to see your pix. I’m halfway through with mine, loving the softness of the brioche.


Franklin Habit’s Faucett is an easy Brioche starter pattern - it turns out beautifully with a silk blend yarn with good stitch definition.


Oh, it’s not my pattern - I just tested it for MDK. The thanks go to the amazing Bristol Ivy…


Oops - thank you! Will edit my post!


I teach a class in 2 color Brioche in the round. We make a cowl together and the class is very popular. I teach at Needlecraft Cottage, just a block from the beach.
Julie in San Diego, where it is just lovely today


So I am adoring this project! It’s my first brioche, and save for a small challenge involving the placement of marker B, it has been smooth sailing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget for cashmere just yet, but I do have the budget for one of my favorite yarns, Woolfolk Får. It is ridiculously soft and puffy and glorious.


And here’s the other side:


That looks so fantastic! I’ve been wearing my finished Nesting Wrap around
town today, and I keep looking at the brioche stitches and really can’t
believe somebody figured out how to do it.

Isn’t it the cushiest? I love how dimensional it makes the fabric. I didn’t
block it very much–just some steam.

My one tip for making the brioche go faster? I kept getting hung up on
circs–the yarnovers tended to snag at the join, so I spent a lot of time
fooling with that. I kept wishing for a long DPN, but couldn’t find one.
UNTIL. I found some 10 1/2" double pointed needles, 8 or 9" long. I got
those rubber point protectors, put one on one end of each needle. When it
came time to slide the stitches back to the other side, I moved the point
protector to the other end of the needle. SO much faster. This wouldn’t
work with a really wide piece of brioche, but for this, it worked well.


Clever girl you . :slight_smile: