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Bunchalong 2018: The Great Bunchening!


Greetings, honey bunches of knitters!

Here is the spot where we are going to be posting our Bunchalong progress photos! Feel free to start any time, but the first weekly prize-awarding will be on October 8, one week into the Bunchalong.

Love the Appleseed Mitt pattern!

3 Appleseed Coasters finished (2 given as just cause gifts). The one on needles just needs ends worked in. No. 5 was started last night. All out of leftover dish cloth cotton.


Coasters + dishcloth cotton = perfect match!


I’ve got the wool for the mitts. Just waiting for less heat/humidity to get going.


Count me in! I’m ordering my Little Golden Book of Merry Making today!


I love the idea of these in cotton - though in my house they might end up being used as mini dishcloths!


Every time you say Little Golden Books I smile…and thank you dear Karen! I know you have a lot of square wrangling to do.


Wait until you see them! They’re fantastic!!!


Hello. Everyone I am new to MDK. This looks like fun. Just ordered my book.


Welcome to the neighborhood. Enjoy,


I got my ebook yesterday and cast on a coaster/washcloth this morning. There was a brand new cone of white cotton sitting right in front of me so you really can’t blame me. I went a little rogue and added six more stitches to the cast on so it will be a little bit bigger.


Welcome! It’s fun here!


You do you, Karen. It will still be a diminutive washcloth. I might do this since my Windham is still making its way northerlywards.


I’m having trouble with the cables on the coaster pattern. A knitter on Ravelry says there is an error on row 5 of the cable pattern…seems to me that row 5 has an extra p2. Anyone? I would love to see a video or some photos of the cable stitch. I’ve done cables before but this one is stumping me.


Thanks Susan, there is indeed an error in the pattern.

Row 5 should read:

Page 20, under Cable Pattern, Row 5 should be written as follows:

K1-tbl, k1, p1, k1, *p2, 1/2/1 RPT; repeat from * to last 3 sts, p1, k1, k1-tbl.

(The k1 that was missing is in bold.)


Thanks, Kay. So that’s pretty much a whole different Row 5, according to my book…I’m going to try it again tonight and see if I can make it work.


There was a missing K1 right after the K1-tbl, and that makes all the difference.


Hi Everyone!
I’m a newbie here and can not wait to jump in Need to go order Merry Making Field Guide now.


Welcome to the party.


This is from my notes on the Coaster pattern:
Row 5: K1tbl, k1, p1, k1, p2, *1/2/1RPT, p2, repeat from * to last 7 sts, 1/2/1 RPT, p1, k1, k1tbl.

I just reknit it to confirm that this is correct, and I’m sorry that I missed it in the proof before printing.