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Bunchalong 2018: The Great Bunchening!


That is a gorgeous yarn Kelly💙 Luv the mitts in that color😍


It’s hard to chose a favorite color!


I’m really partial to blues, teal, forest green:) I find it extremely difficult to pass up any yarn in those colors. I don’t have a clue what I’ll knit with it, just gotta have it when I see it!! Lol


What pattern for the sweaters? I have a new grand nephew and boy knits are hard to find.


I used the Mix and Match Henleys pattern from Ravelry :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, it is a cute sweater. The hats you knit are also very cute.


Finished 3 Stranded Diamonds hats for gifts. The was a fun, easy pattern to teach myself how to do stranded colorwork :+1: Thx MDK and Thea Colman! I’m enjoying all the patterns I’ve knit so far;)

This one is for my Mom. The pompom is so scrawny, I just call it a pom!

This one is for my daughter

And this one’s my granddaughter’s
I call these 2 “Diamonds” and “Fur”
What girl doesn’t love diamonds & furs😍



I’m sure they will love them.


Appleseed coaster catnip toy for my sister’s kitty😻


Good morning, Bunchers Along! This week’s prize winner comes to us out of the Lounge. Give a sparkly congrats to Karyn kcknits (because her #helpfulknittingcat is not very forthcoming with the praise)! Karyn, email to claim your prize.

Hope everyone’s bunch of holiday gifts is getting satisfyingly enormous! --Cristina


Thank you Kay and Ann and MDK!!!
Now I can order the gorgeous yarn I’ve been lusting after to knit myself Thea Colman’s Chalice Cup cowl😁


First time posting with picture. Hats for grandsons, G’pa said no poms. Boy do these hats knit up in a flash. School colors.


I can’t believe how many I’ve made so far! Steaming the pompom has made a huge difference (red pompom and blue pompom).

I just love these hats!


You are a Slip-Stitch hat knitting machine!! And your pompoms are enviable :+1:


Hang in there for the announcement of a Bunchalong grand prize winner in Friday’s post, fellow bunchers along! And snaps to Ann for her prodigious output assembled in today’s Daily Letter. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Final, blissful count----- 12 appleseed coasters, 6 slip stitch caps, 2 stranded diamonds hats, 3 pairs of appleseed mitts (and one lingering in a taunting way), 2 chalice cowls. Lovely and blissful knitting in a happy plan, now smug. My daughter gifted me (smart girl) with a set of the Tulip needles and I’m going to (very late) bang out a Carbeth Cardigan, starting with a Christmas Day cardigan! :star_struck:


Huzzah for Bunchalong! and Merry Christmas and Merry making! --Cristina




This was so fun! Just had to share my final gifted Appleseed pair. This is the first time I knit this much from a single pattern and I still have one more pair to go…mine!!


My girls in their “Diamonds” and Furs💙