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Bunchalong 2018: The Great Bunchening!


It is pretty likely that you didn’t catch it because by the time you hit row 5, the pattern is so intuitive that, unless you are a knitter who is still in the wonderful, long term learning process that is knitting, you wouldn’t have noticed it. Said with much love to those who always remind a crone like me that we all still have a lot to learn. xo


So my washcloth was finished in a jiff. I added another half a repeat. Instead of doing rows 1 - 8 twice and then rowss 1- 5 once, I did row 1 - 8 three times and then row 1 once. With the ribbing it came out to be a lovely seven inch square. It hasn’t been washed yet so it will probably tighten up on the stitches and plump up on the yarn as cotton is wont to do. Once I wash it, I’ll post before and after pictures.


I’m also new to MDK. I just ordered this from my LYS. I can’t wait to get it in my hands and start knitting!! The problem is that I want to make every pattern, so I’ll have to decide which one to start with. :wink:


For the record this is not your fault, Nell! Anyway it’s all mended. I’m heartened that Karen just plowed right through it.


Welcome, Meredith! Just the one, eh? [Narrator: She knit more than one.]


Welcome Piano Nurse! You can handle any medical situations and also accompany us with some light lounge piano.


I’m in! I’ve made two Stranded Diamonds Hat, one Chalice Cowl, and one Slip-Stitch Cap already! I’m winding yarn for Appleseed Mitts this weekend so I can start a pair on Monday. I want me some badges, so…

This is my favorite knitalong greeting ever: Greetings, honey bunches of knitters! AND

Hey, @sabograd! Hope you’re having a lovely autumn! --Cristina


Will there be nibbles and a tip jar?




Hey. Work is crazy, but all good. Not enough knitting time though :unamused:. Hope all good with you too.


I have the book. I love the coasters, and am going to cast one on in white.


I’m on this. Just bought my patterns. Biking today and near a LYS. Gonna pick up some yarn because I NEED it!


Yep, got some worsted I’ll hold double to make three hats for our three grand nephews - 5, 3 and newborn.


Please post pics when completed!!


Has a great time with the Easealong. So, bunchalong, I’m coming along! I’ve got my pattern book , yarn is on it’s way to me and hats will be n the way to my friends. Can’t wait to get started.


First Stranded Diamond cap (sans Pom Pom - I’m looking for red fur). The plan is to do a few for a Santa Train event for Staff to wear.
FYI many knitters each year send hand knits to be distributed via the Santa Train that travels rural SWVA.


Really pretty! Would love to see a pom pom on that :slight_smile:


I just joined today! I’m excited for this but I admit I’m good at starting projects and bad at finishing them! I do have the book, but I am determined to finish my Halloween scarf before I cast anything else on!


Hats, mitts, coasters oh my!
So, because this is the way of knitters and of women…
I’m getting a new puppy today. I’m also working on my masters. And just for fun I go to work every now and then. I’m crazy to even start this bunchalong. But I somehow think this might be my sanity among all the things I currently am juggling. :rofl: going stash diving. Watch for the possible flare! Heh heh.


New puppies are always a happy event!