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Bunchalong 2018: The Great Bunchening!


Good here! Hoping some knitting sessions open up for you SOON! c.


Elio loves his Slip-Stitch Cap! Proof of teenager loving a hat his mother made for him (he demanded a speckled pom pom and specified mostly gray with green!). Yes, I made him pose with the football. (That is a football, right? :smile:)


Happy October and happy Bunchalong Day 1 (officially), y’all!

Here’s sneak preview of my growing collection of Strand Diamonds Hats. If I can get them camera-ready fast enough, they might be in the Daily Letter tomorrow.

What do they make you think of? Anything? Bueller?


These are the biggest size on the left and the 12-month size on the right. Mommy & Me FTW!


Thank you. Me too!


Nice work​:+1::heart_eyes: what yarn did you use?


Shalimar Enzo Aran. My two colors are Water Chestnut (brown) and Sand Dollar (cream). (The red yarn is Random Stash from plastic bag in my bedroom.)


Luv 'em!! Great stitch definition;)


Hi everyone! Trying to choose another yarn for the Appleseed Mitts bc my fave color is out of stock. Any super soft, machine washable yarn suggestions?


Forgot to mention, for the Appleseed Mitts!


One hat OTN today…


A stranded diamonds hat for a dear nephew!
Plymouth tweed worsted.


Going to use this from my stash, it’s still hand wash, but hopefully that won’t be a big deal. It is Chroma worsted in Fossil to make the Appleseed Mitts.


Wow, knitterofhats. Love that color combo. Never would have picked it.


I have ordered my Merry Making book and have been looking at the patterns in my pdf download, particularly the coasters & Chalice Cowl. I have a couple questions for all you experienced knitters;) What does “knit on the bias” mean?and it’s relevance? And in ssk, I’m slipping 1 knitwise, then bringing the yarn to the front to slip 1 purlwise, then taking the yarn to the back before knitting them together (essentially tbl). Is this correct? Sorry this post is so long :frowning:


Hi kcknits,

“On the bias” means the rows are knit diagonally, like a fabric dress that is “cut on the bias” is cut at an angle to the weave of the fabric instead of squarely across it. In knitting this effect is achieved with increases and decreases. If you look at the photos of the Chalice Cowl you’ll see that the cable motif is at an angle to the garter stitch, slanting across it.

Re: ssk, I work it like this: slip the first stitch knitwise, then WITHOUT MOVING THE YARN FROM BACK TO FRONT, slip the second stitch purlwise, then knit the two stitches together. There are variations on this. Ann’s favorite way is the one Patty Lyons describes in a video here:


Thank you for your response Kay:)
I guess knitting on the bias will become clear as I knit a Chalice!!
And the way I’ve been doing ssk could explain why my mitered cross squares look um…different😆 it’s a new design element!!! hahaha


So what’s with the whole cable cast on thing? I find it so fiddly that I only use it if I absolutely have to. So do I have to? Can I just long tail it or do a plain old knitted cast on? Getty ready for some Appleseed mitts when I get home tonight.


I finished a stranded diamond hat over the weekend and am moving forward on the appleseed mittens! Like Ann, I realized after fumbling and dropping stitches that this one needs a cable needle :slight_smile:

PS the yarn is a supersoft merino from Yarn Indulgences, a dyer local to my area :slight_smile:


What a lovely color! Really beautiful. And yes–I just couldn’t figure out how to do that cable without using a cable needle!