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Bunchalong 2018: The Great Bunchening!


I totally long-tailed it. I was already so cable-needle-freaked-out that I had to find solace where I could lol.


You found love in a hopeless place.


And this is the (very fun! and quick!) stranded diamond hat in two half skeins of Borgo De Pazzi worsted. I rarely make things twice but this hat may just be an exception!


I didn’t even notice that there was supposed to be a different cast on… too focused on getting going on this one and used my regular German long tail cast on…


I’ve been looking for a pattern to make gifts for a friend having twin boys. The Stranded Diamond pattern is perfect! I hope to use the chart on sweaters to match and to make quilts from red and blue to match the pom poms :slight_smile:!

This is definitely “potato chip” knitting and a nice break from the stockinette on my Hadley Pullover in progress. Can’t wait to try the other patterns in Field Guide #8.


Working on the Appleseed Coasters! I’ve never done cables before so it’s a great learning project. Using some cotton yarn I have hanging around.


I want to see the whole layette! You are living the dream!


One and a half slip stitch caps done. Okay work with 4 couples staying for the weekend at the same time. Second pair was deep stash that will have to remain nameless now.


I have a question about the Chalice Cowl. I only have about 218 yards of bulky weight in my stash. ( in a solid color, anyway) I’m wondering if I should run with the solid color and drop 1 repeat, or try it with a dark variegated I have. I’m worried the cables may be lost in the variegated, but 1 do have closer to 300 yards. Thanks!


I started a Slip-Stitch Cap in Cascade Ecological Wool leftover from a cardigan. Misread round 3 instructions so ended up frogging back to the ribbing and taking another run at it. Much better. This is my first hat knitted on 16" circs and it’s not too awkward. I’m (mostly) over panicking that the stitches will fong off the ends when I put it down. I’m usually a Magic Loop or DPN knitter in the round. I’m a big fan of mosaic knitting so this cap pattern is right up my alley. Love everyone’s projects and colors. Appleseed Mitts once the hat’s done. grays%20slip-stitch%20cap%204


I’m still rather inexperienced and I’m having a bit of trouble on the cables for the coasters. Is there anyone willing to post a photo of the “back” side? I’ve ripped back several times and wondering if maybe I am doing it right.

Oops. Sorry I didn’t rotate the photo first. Am I supposed to have those long stitches in there?


Hi Jan! Here’s a really bad picture of the back of my washcloth. But I think you can see the back of the pattern. You’re long stitch is aces!


Thanks, Karen!! That helps. I can’t quite do what Nell did – avoiding the cable stitch, but I kept loosing that last stitch to knit, so her idea of putting a stitch marker on it was just the trick I needed. I love this place.

Welcome to the new people. I hope you enjoy the MDK experience and – what was it that Michelle Edwards called it – the ‘swatch of knitters’ as much as I do.


@nellknits is a freakin’ genius! I already used that trick on another project today. xo


Looks great Jan👍 I’m going to start coasters as soon as I finish my Mitered Cross square for Team Blanket #5. I took my Mom (she started knitting 71 years ago!!) to my lys today & bought yarn for coasters:) Holiday colors🎄


Btw Jan, is that the cable cast on?
I like it, whatever it is!!:heart_eyes:


Good Morning, KC! It is a long tail cast on — the one I learned at the beginning. Really cool that your Mom has been knitting so long.


fur pompom from Jimmy Beans.


I love the Appleseed Coaster pattern!! Such a fun project!


One hat done - will put on the pom, poms at the end - when done with three.