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Bunchalong 2018: The Great Bunchening!


Happy Monday, fellow Bunchers Along! It’s the MDK social media maven here. The first $50 gift certificate winner popped up on the Slip-Stitch Cap Rav page-- @lakewoodknits Clare! Check out her speckled pint-sized cuties. Happy Knitting! xoCristina


First Slip-Stitch Cap finished! Make the first pompom with the Loome too. It’s a good pompom, could be fuller, could be rounder but I figure both of those will improve with practice. I decided to practice on some Appleseed Coasters before casting on the mitts. Off to excavate the yarn I want to use from the stash. Later!


So purdy! Are you making them in all 4 colors? I love how Jill’s colors always go together so well.


Congrats to Lakewoodknits! I went to Milk last night and their Birthday Cake soft serve looks just like her speckled yarn here. Now I’m hungry.


That was quick! For what it’s worth, that’s a fine specimen of a pom pom.


I am using all 4 colors. I love the yarn! I haven’t quite figured out the mix of colors in each set of coaster yet. The “sock monkey” hat is next!


Team Sock Monkey! I am fixing to cast on my mitts but maybe I’ll work up to it with a coaster or two…


It only took me an hour to remember that there’s errata for Row 5 of the Appleseed Coasters. sigh Two repeats of the cable pattern done and 5 rows to go before the ribbing. Oh, and many thanks to @nellknits on Instagram for her cable hack. So much easier than wrestling with a cable needleappleseed%20coaster%20aqua%201 .


Ooooo what a pretty blue💙 I started a coaster yesterday & frogged twice!!! Was having a profound inability to knit and purl in the same row😬kept ending up with yo’s and an extra stitch. Starting over again tonite. Wish me luck:)


What a treat this Slip Stitch Cap was to knit! Loving this #MDKBunchalong!


Using the Stranded Diamonds chart on baby sweaters to match the twins’ hats. The momma is making two at a time babies so I thought two at a time sweaters would be fun. Ribbing and sleeves still to go. :wink:


Those are just two, too cute​:heart_eyes::two_hearts:
You are so talented!!


Stinkin’ cute! So sporty!


The layette is finished. Making the quilts will wait as I am anxious to get back to knitting my Hadley Pullover. Happy weekend knitting, everyone!


Thanks! The sweater pattern was perfect for incorporating the Stranded Diamonds chart. Mix & Match Henleys


:blush:You are far too kind! I’m always learning, that is for sure!


Two coasters done! Of course I have yet to block and weave in the ends. I had some Lamb’s Pride worsted in my stash and I thought it was the perfect color for holiday coasters…red wine, you know.


I love that idea of using the bread bag clip to hold your extra yarn. Brilliant! Totally stealing!


Appleseed fingerless mitts, given as a birthday gift last night. Making them a second time, which I absolutely plan to do as I must have a pair for myself, will go much more quickly!