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Bunchalong 2018: The Great Bunchening!


Really cute!! Great job👍


I just cast on the mitts for a friend I will be visiting in a couple of weeks.

Love MDK - thanks for inspiring me to get the needles chugging along!


Hi, KC! “Knit on the bias” means the cable keeps shifting over so that it leans left on a diagonal. The round by round directions tell you how to work it, and then after about 6 rounds you’ll see what’s happening. Don’t bring the yarn to the front before slipping the second ssk stitch purlwise. There’s a handy list of all abbreviated directions at the back of the book/pdf for a description of how to work the decrease. Happy Knitting! --Cristina


Here is my bunch so far. My hubby voted against pompom on his hat. Fun knitting all around. blocking still to come.153961826029042500750170097455|374x500


Thank you Cristina! I’m looking forward to starting the Chalice Cowl, as soon as I decide on the yarn. So many decisions🤔 I absolutely luv ANYTHING with cables!!


Our second Bunchalong winner comes from right here in the Lounge! Congrats to Debi–we love the layettes so much we surrounded them with hearts on Instagram.


It’s not a Bunch but it’s a beginning!
These Coasters are such a fast, fun knit and, once brain is engaged & synchronized with hands and knitting needles, they are easy😁

(the red is really red, with shiny gold thread thru it, but my phone makes it look orange-ish)


I had never done the cable cast on before and was having a heck of a time until I switched to a crochet hook to pull the yarn loop thru. Worked much better.


I frogged about four times. Haven’t gone back yet. But I’ll get it. I back to a blanket I started last year. Simple.


It’s always helpful to get back to something you know you can do to build your confidence back up;)
I’m into my 10th month of learning to knit & I’m in an exploring and learning new things phase😁


Slipped Stitch Hat made from handspun wool and alpaca. This pattern makes the extremely uneven yarn look good! One of the rewards - or hazards - of learning to spin is that I have lots of small skeins! This actually used four of them.


Appleseed Coasters are a treat to knit. I couldn’t decide which color to use under my stained glass box and wanted to get the pattern down so I knit them TAAT. Looking at them now, I think I will actually make another double the size in cream and sew these together to make a soap holder for my daughter. Her crazy dog likes to steal the soap bar as a snack!


Hi, fellow Bunchkins! The gift certificate winner this week comes to us from outer space, er, Instagram. Here’s Megan @memenier and her Appleseed Mitts.


Two pairs of mits done! Love this pattern now that I understand it. Lol


Working on hats for my nieces and nephew. 3 down, one to go.


Swatching for Sangria! Not easy to find the ginger liqueur but totally worth it.


I’ve got all the ingredients except the ginger liqueur, but haven’t mixed up a batch yet! Amazon is a good source for the cider syrup.


I’ll email you. You can have some of mine. It’s pricey but my liquor store guy gave it to me cheap (he likes the knitters) so I’ll pay it forward.


Congratulations Angela! You’re this week’s Bunchalong prizewinner! Email Liz and she’ll email your gift certificate.

Cristina (your fellow Bunchkin)


Love the color!