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Bunchalong 2018: The Great Bunchening!


Second Appleseed Coaster finished! I decided to only knit row 1 of the 5 called for in the pattern to pinch the cable back together before the ribbing at the end so that the coaster ended up square. I like it. Now I feel confident in starting the Appleseed mitts so that I don’t ruin the soft alpaca yarn by knitting and frogging, knitting and frogging, also cursing at it which might singe the fibers.


Picked up the Field Guide at Rhinebeck, along with the yarn (Foster Sheep Farm) and stitch markers (Wee Ones). Cast on Friday (having finished another set of mitts in a different pattern from my Rhinebeck haul) and couldn’t put them down over the weekend. I’d never done a cable cast on before and thought it was fun once I got the hang. :slight_smile:

And no, of course I"m not taking pictures of knitting at work… :wink:


Oh my gosh, there is such a thing as ginger liqueur?!!


Question re: Stranded Diamonds hat. In rnds 1 & 14, there is no color change so is it necessary to carry a float across the back in either of those rounds?


Nope! Just leave the unused strand where it is until the next round. : )


No float necessary. I didn’t join in the second color until Round 2, and I cut the second color after Round 13.


Thank you Nell and Kay! So that is exactly what I did Kay, joined in rnd 2 and cut after rnd 13. My first attempt at stranded color knitting didn’t go too badly😁lol

I’ll just need to figure out a way to knit the decreases as I don’t know how to use dpns :frowning:


Well done! Really beautiful job, and your floats are perfect. You can do the first decreases on the circular and then either go to DPNS (they are kind of self-explanatory once you get them into your stitches–treat them like circular needles that are in sections and just go around and around) or google “Magic Loop knitting.”


Thx so much for your encouragement and praise Kay😊 I’m gonna give it a try!!


Sorry! Could not get pictures to load


If anyone hasn’t tried knitting the Appleseed Mitts yet, they are really a pleasure to knit! And there’s no right or left mitt, just knit the second one, same as the first! I did make the thumb a little longer by knitting it for 12 rows instead of for one inch. Try yours on as you go to see how long you would like yours. Knit in Jill Draper Makes Stuff Windham, in color Graphite from MDX.
I’m saradenbo on ravelry.


That’s a great idea, kjt1211! You reminded me that I have a cone of white kitchen cotton! I love to try patterns out with kitchen cotton JUST to have extra warsh-cloths (nod to Kay).
saradenbo on ravelry


Love the color!


That is so pretty! Reminds me of Blue Willow ware :slight_smile:


Thank you q.piper:) the variegated blue is Lamb’s Pride that I used for Team Blanket #2. Comes out really pretty💙


Started my 3rd Appleseed Coaster last night
Tabby and I LUV shiny, sparkly stuff, and yarn…and Christmas😍
Finished (and she is SO not impressed!!)


Very pretty yarn! That could be my cat!


Thank you! Plymouth Yarn discontinued their “Holiday Lights” Line, so sad:( I found the red sparkly at my lys, then found a store online that had the green sparkly😁 so happy!!


Our week 5 Bunchalong winner hangs out on Instagram as @haselein7. Congrats to Karen of the purple Chalice Cowl! (Reversible sides showing here!)


Love how they came out!