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Bunchalong 2018: The Great Bunchening!


Oh STOPPPPPPPPPPP too CUUUUUUUUUUUTE. That is a very little baby!


Deb you are a Star Buncher! I mean honestly, you kept going after the TWIN BABY SWEATERS. That’s epic.


And it wasn’t that hard, right? But at the same time, you were glad when it was over, yes? (I always am, even though I like doing it. It just requires that little bit of extra brain.)


AWWWWW… a deserving winner on a cutie!


First coaster done. Took a bit to figure out the pattern (new to cables) I think I got it. Ready to make 7 (or 15) more!


I feel like I am doing something wrong. My cables don’t look like the "X"s I see in the picture. Any thoughts?


Mine don’t look like the "X"s in the book either!! My Mom and I seem to think because of the yarn used in the pattern and the lighter color really shows the Xs much better. However, mine don’t look exactly like yours either idk why!


What does the other side look like? It is still pretty at least!


Where did you find those darling labels?!


Shopintaglio on Etsy!


I am so madly in love with this pattern! I also love the yarn. I am having a blast!


We love Lucy–and that she made a buncha Stranded Diamonds Hats for her Santa’s Depot teammates. Congratulations, Lucy! Please drop us an email so your prize can be emailed to you.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and that you all find holiday warmth and light and peace in your preparations and celebrations. --Cristina


Finally got Magic Loop mojo so able to finish first Stranded Diamonds hat😁 yay!!!


I know I’m super late to the party, but I’ve got hat fever!!! Made my first pom poms ever this morning. They really finished the hats off!!


Great Poms👍


Starting my SlipStitch hat momentarily (as soon as I finish my last mitered square). Can anyone say if the hat takes a full 125 ft. of the skeins? I want to sub a chunky of 108 feet from my stash. Thanks!


There’s definitely leftover Studio Chunky after knitting one Slip-Stitch Cap. I got one big, even slouchy hat and a generous pom plus enough left over for a very small hat from two skeins. But you mean yards, right, not feet? 108 yards of each color will be plenty. Happy Knitting!


Happy Bunchalong Prize Day! This week’s goes to Carole Julius who’s @carolejuliusphotography on Instagram. Two-Tone Appleseed Mitts!
Happy Bunching Along,


Oh, lalala yes yards not feet. Can’t wait, so I am rushing! Thanks so much!


Gift #2