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Camp Get It Done


I’m in! Cleaned up my office and clothes closet before I read this–what a breath of fresh air. Still have the donation/regifting/tossing part of the clean up to deal with. Then there’s my knitting WIPs and stash to sort out (roughly a month long task) and the first draft of a book I’ve been working on for seven years. I can do it! (With everyone’s encouragement.)


So scared to commit to this - which just goes to show that I’m never going to get it done otherwise. I need this group!

Okay I’m going to do it.

I want to make a website and video tutorials on shaped intarsia. That’s intarsia with curves at the color change instead of a pixellated edge. I’ve been working on swatching different techniques for more time than I care to write down and I need to move on. I have some experience of making video tutorials but would like to run some workshops to understand what people find tricky about knitting intarsia. I have some knitting teaching experience but only with friends and school children.

So my first commitment (why am I so scared?) is to organise an intarsia workshop for early in the Autumn once my kids are back to school.

Even just writing this makes it more real and more achievable - so THANK YOU!


Hi friends! I cleaned out the laundry room cabinet. It took more time than I thought it would, but at the same time I cleaned the laundry cabinet, I also cleaned the under the kitchen sink cabinet. Those two cabinets share supplies and I thought it best to do both at once to re-organize. Well worth the effort. Overall, about 1-2 hours of time and an infinity of smiles when I open the cabinets.

I think my only other get-it-done project will be re-potting my indoor plants. I have a couple of 30 year old jade’s that need attention and a couple of other long lived plants that are pot bound with compacted soil. This is another long neglected project. I have to buy new pots and more potting soil. But, once the plants have their new homes it will look so good and they will feel so good. I’m going to start with measuring the old pots and start shopping for new pots. And while I’m shopping for new pots, I’ll also buy potting soil. I don’t think I’ll have everything together to take care of the plants until August. I’ll be delighted to have this done by mid-August. Then, I think that’s it for me with “camp.”


That’s an awesome goal. Go Max go!


You can do it! And I want to learn your technique. xo


Thank you :slight_smile: . I already feel more motivated and empowered just having written it down! Now, to get on with it.


I’ve completed the left side of the couch! Woo hoo. Then I went to work on my little table on the right hand side of the couch and, alas, a lot of that ended up on the left side of the couch. Not necessarily in a bad way because it is organized now and I’m actually accomplishing things with it but not really the best methodology. So I took a little look around Chez Chaos and I’ve decided that my next step should be to get to work on Couch 22. It’s the sofa that’s right next to the front door and it’s where pretty much everything lands when I walk in the house. I bought it from Joseph Heller about a million years ago, thus the name. If I can get that nice and tidy, a bunch of the stuff that’s there will feed into my other spots and create a nicer flow of finished tidiness.

I did reward myself with 2 episodes of GLOW (one for each side of the couch). When Sheila says “I love Cheers! It’s a show about an invisible woman named Vera” I had to pause and rewind it because I was laughing so hard.


Every camp worth it’s salt has an Independence Day celebration (at least in the U.S.). My knitting group has a great party every year. Our fearless leader has a fabulous view of the Hudson River and the fireworks for Nyack so she hosts and extended knit night every July 4th (non-knitters welcome!). The best part for me is she lets me run the grill. It’s not easy to be a woman who loves to grill. The guys always try to take over. Man! Fire! Our fellows are pretty used to us so I get to do whatever I want. Last year pdxknitterati’s Vietnamese Chicken was such a hit that I didn’t actually get any so I’m doing that again. Just more! Some simple sesame noodles on the side will be perfect with it. Also whipping up some grilled sausages with homemade ricotta cheese and roasted red peppers with fresh mint. I’m ridiculously excited.

So what are you doing for the 4th of July? Or for Wednesday if you’re not an American?


Congratulations on the couch progress. Sounds like it’s a long term project!!

Party sounds so good. I’m not American so no celebrations, instead I am doing something very British - taking my son to a cricket match :grin:


Funnily, when I’m looking at this as minor projects they go very quickly! This may turn out to be a total game changer for me!

Have fun at the cricket match! I suppose that technically, today, we are on opposite sides of the fence. :grin: I live pretty close to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx and there are a lot of people who play cricket there on the weekends. Ah the melting pot of New York! I don’t get it (but I don’t know the rules of most sports) but I like to stop and watch.


I live that tiushare all this! And after that joke Glow just jumped to the top of my list!


That is wonderful! I’m a big personal believer that sofa’s are for sitting not storing stuff. But, I deal with so much clutter and hoarding for my job, that I’m maniacal at home about throwing stuff out, putting it away, and in general keeping the mess down to a minimum. Except for one very ugly counter in my kitchen…




Just popping in to say I’ve made some progress on dealing with boxes, though several of them turned out to be not from my parents’ house at all, but from my own attic…which is now empty! So there’s that.


Okay, I can do that! First job, brush off my archaeology skills and find my desk top! The thought of 15 minutes makes my feel a bit faint, but 5 things at a time? That my new super power!


Popping in to say: Book not done. BUT: progress! Word count: 6000+


Awesome book progress!

I’m pleased that I completed major project #2 last night: I repotted all the indoor plants. So, so messy. It was as time consuming and unpleasant as I thought it would be. I enjoyed the repotting. But the clean-up was epic. I took care of 8 plants - each one is at least 8-10 years old. Everything looks better. I gave the 25 year old jade a haircut and shaved the roots. The other 25 year old jade fell apart when I took it out of its pot. So I scooped up all the bits and roots and gave it new dirt. It will take about 2-3 weeks before the plants either thrive or die.

Only one major project left - cleaning the cabinet in my bathroom. This one will take another 2-3 hours but it will be a relief when that’s behind me.