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Chalice Cowl: Help!


I don’t understand the pattern. I get the 2 rnds ribbing, and have no problem knitting cables. I don’t even know how to start swatching for gauge with this pattern! So there is the Stitch Pattern showing the Cable Pattern of 16 sts over 12 rnds. Then the BODY starts with Rnd 1: *Work Cable Pattern…
And then Rnd 2 of BODY starts the same way. What does it mean??!?
I hope someone has the patience to straighten me out​:blush: I’ll be forever grateful :sparkling_heart: Karyn


Hi Karyn!
I hope that I can help here, I swatched using only the garter gauge. : )
Rounds 1 and 2 set up the pattern with 16 stitches in the Cable Pattern, then 33 stitches in Garter Stitch (with rounds 1, 5 and 9 beginning with a decrease and ending with an increase to cause the bias of the cable).
Don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any other questions. The cowl is beautiful and once you get it set up is mostly a breeze to do.


Ohmygosh!! Thanks sooo much Nell! Just had a lightbulb moment, lol. So…what I’m reading under “Stitch Pattern” is just the chart written out, right? Seems so obvious now but it didn’t before. Again, thank you very much😁


Yes, and Hooray!


Karyn I love the way you just jump into new things. You are bold as brass! I’m casting on a chalice cowl this weekend.


Lol, thanks Karen!! When it comes to a cable pattern AND a chunky yarn, I cannot resist​:heart_eyes::sparkling_heart:
My next challenge will be Fair Isle. I’ve always luved seeing it, on anything, but it looks really intimidating
Btw, are you using Thea Coleman’s fav cast on?!! Lol


all, I could also use some chalice cowl help. I’ve gotten to my second round of 12 rows but I don’t know how to shift or when to shift by 3?
Do I move the entire project over by three stitches? Or, do I only shift the cable row by three?

Thank you!


Hi Kelli, I’m the last person to be giving advice (I haven’t even started the Chalice yet; waiting for the right yarn!) but reading Nell’s email to me from a week ago, she states, “rounds 1, 5, and 9 beginning with a decrease and ending with an increase to cause the bias of the cable”. It appears it’s a gradual shift of all subsequent rounds resulting in a fabric that leans to the right as it progresses. Hope that helps👍 If not, I recommend msg to @nellknits. She has helped me immensely! Take care, Karyn
Oops, pattern shifts to the LEFT not right!!


Thanks KC,
That’s a great explanation. kellidonley I am sorry that I missed this yesterday - Friday is a tricky day.


Hope you don’t mind my throwing your name out there😊