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Christmas Knitting Question


My son has asked for a Weasley Sweater for Christmas and I am so excited. But here is my dilemma. I am not so good at knitting things that need to fit. So I will need his participation to get this right. Plus this will take me a L O N G time and I am not done with all the other stuff yet.

I want to give him an IOU type gift so he can participate in the knitting process (help pick out yarn etc). Have any of you ever done an IOU a sweater for a gift, and do you have any cute ideas how to do it besides just wrapping up a sweater coupon?

PS my son is 17 so delayed gratification will not be an issue. He is also a string bean (about 5’10 and 125 pounds) so going with a generic size is not in my best interest.

All ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I often put a picture of the sweater colored to match the coming gift in a card.


I’m definitely not knowledgeable about the Weasley genre so I have just done a quick Ravelry search. I can’t guess the criteria for what can be called “Weasley” - whether it’s colors or something else, so I don’t know exactly what to suggest. Therefore take this suggestion with a huge caveat:

Could you knit him something that’s a token for what’s to come? Could you dress up your sweater IOU with a hat or scarf in particular colors or pattern, for instance? Or wrap it in a gift bag or phone cozy with the(?) Weasley pattern or colors?|hat|neck-torso|cozy


Have fun!


A Weasley sweater is from Harry Potter. Ron Weasley’s mother knit all her kids and Harry a crew neck pullover sweater with their first initial in contrast color on the front. Any crew neck pattern will work. Knitter’s graph paper will help you get the proportions right for the initial.


Here’s a pattern that is free and looks like a perfect one.

Measure your son and find the chest measurement size for him and then just adjust the length. There doesn’t seem to be any body shaping so just keep on knitting until it’s long enough!

As far as the giving of the gift, why don’t you take him yarn shopping with you to pick out his colors and then go somewhere he really likes for lunch. Is he a football fan? You could go on a Sunday and then go to a sports pub and watch the game together (also a good time to cast on).

And for heaven’s sake, duplicate stitch the letter. If you’re adjusting the length, trying to get the intarsia placed correctly might be the end of you!


P.S. Berrocco has a yarn called Remix that has a nice tweediness to it and knits up like a dream.


There was a Rowan pattern for this, and there is also a knitting book full of Potter-inspired knits that I’m sure includes a good pattern for a Weasley initial sweater. I’d make it in Rowan Felted Tweed, which works up so beautifully.

For Christmas 2015 a friend wanted to give her husband a handknit cardigan. I love them both so I agreed to knit it if she picked out the pattern and wool. We picked out a Brooklyn Tweed pattern and wool for Ranger in December. I knit a tiny ornament size sweater in the chosen navy Shelter wool, and that was what was wrapped and put under the tree for him at Christmas. By Easter he had his cardigan! It was very fun and I think the anticipation was part of the gift.


Having just watched the first Harry Potter movie (again) on Sunday night, I’d suggest that a “weasley sweater” doesn’t necessarily have to “fit” well at all! I think that’s part of the charm. But bigger would probably be better! Good luck!


Being something of a Harry Potter nerd, this whole thread makes me so, so happy! Good luck with your Weasley sweater!


For the IOU idea, perhaps you could knit one of those ornament-sized sweaters on a pipe-cleaner coathanger? You could make it a Weasley by knitting a plain pullover and overstitching the initial. Bonus: knitted ornament to become heirloom!


Oh gosh, I THOUGHT I had read all the comments before leaving one, but I certainly had NOT or I wouldn’t have said exactly the same thing! Well, except for the part about knitting a gorgeous (I remember it well) Ranger for a friend’s husband, because I am not made of awesome :wink:


I think the thing about Weasley jumpers is that they DON’T fit!


I made one for my son-in-law last year for Christmas. I had my daughter take his favorite fitting sweater and told her all the different places I wanted measurements. Then she and I selected the color and I knit the sweater and then over Stitch the initial. It turned out wonderful and he loves it!


I have been known to give a partially knitted sock at a birthday celebration. Needles, working ball of yarn and all were placed in the box and wrapped beautifully (after all, presentation matters). Once opened and everyone laughed and smiled, I took it all back to finish the pair of socks (brought a special bag along with me for this purpose). I think I also gave some chocolate, so the birthday girl would have something tangible to bring home.