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Cockleshell Cardigan from MDK Field Guide No. 6: Transparency

Amy Christoffers’s wee baby cardigan is a delightful bit of origami. It knits up so fast! Share your pix and thoughts and questions here.

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I so admire this little knit: reminiscent in it’s cleverness and facility of the Baby Surprise Jacket and will certainly be my next baby shower present.

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What a cute pattern! Can I ask what size needles you used with a worsted weight yarn? Thank you.

I hit gauge using the specified size 10 needles. If you’re wanting to be supersure of getting gauge, it’s good to go the full step of washing and blocking your swatch. For me, I got 16 stitches/4” with this Blue Sky Fibers Hand Dyes, unwashed or blocked, and I knew it would grow because I’d worked with it in the past. The final gauge for me is 13 sts/4” as the pattern specifies.

Hope you have fun with this!


I’ve just finished knitting my first Cockleshell (what a fun knit!) and have run smack into an unforeseen challenge. How on earth do you a) “join yarn with a slip st” to the ribbing, and then b) crochet a chain that looks even halfway decent from that slip st?

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I solved the problem by folding a length of yarn in half and pulling the folded loop through the rib, then crocheting a tight chain with the two strands. It worked for me.

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