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Colorwash Scarf Knitalong: Swatching?


How critical is swatching to this project? I’m waffling between swatching and just diving in. Since it’s a scarf/shawl, I’m not concerned about fit but about running out of yarn.


Hi! There should be ample yarn if you’re using Lichen and Lace—I’m looking at some leftovers from the sample knitters, and it’s not a close call—unless you knit as some fantastically gigantic gauge! But I’m going to swatch this simply because I’ve been burned recently with shawls that have ended up more like neck napkins because my gauge was too tight. I want to be sure the airy mesh component in this shawl is airy, not pinchy.

I’m going with the Pewter colorway–what about you? I also have about six tons of stash yarn that would be fun to play with.


Thank you! I’m using SW Sock 80/20 from Spun Right Round ( and the yardage/weight is the same as the Lichen and Lace. I should have enough yardage but I’ll definitely swatch now, if only to get the stitch pattern practice.


That will teach me to get behind on my blog reading…I’m not even done with Hadley yet, NOR the helical mitts (I’m skipping the intarsia scarf) and BAM! I’ve ordered the yarn for the Colorwarsh Shawl (in true MDK fashion, it really should have been named the "Colorwarsh Shawl). It’s only a Quick Knit when you knit on it… I don’t think my yarn will get here in time for swatching, but I’ll be grabbing my needles and casting on ASAP. Must knit faster…


I can’t wait to get my yarn…I ordered on Monday. Going on a women’s overnight on Saturday, so I hope I’ll have the yarn before then so I can cast on!!!


I hear you, amarshall102. I skipped the Hadley, have one Helical SOCK done, am barely over 100 rows on the intarsia scarf/shawl/thingy and now they spring that glorious Colorwarsh Shawl KAL. (I assumed it was a misprint in the booklet.) Do I delay Sock #2? Keep plugging away on the intarsia? Or dump it all for the next KAL? Compared to a lot of the people on here I can barely knit. How do they get so much done so quickly?


HAHAHA! This darned full-time job! If I would knit every day, I think I
could keep up, but I need to pick up those needles in order to finish

I am SO not about the intarsia, but am enjoying the helical mitts and I
used stash yarn, so that is a bonus.

Hadley yarn was also already in stash, I just need to buckle down. Perhaps
I can finish the helical mitts before my yarn arrives. We shall see.


Probably not swatching, even though I did give it a thought after reading Ann’s post about airy. That said, when I get my yarn, (pewter ordered it Monday) might just dive right in and all other projects be damned!:nerd_face:


How fun is that! I used to go on a women’s retreat at church, back when I went to church lol. It was always a ton of fun.


That’s what I’d like to know…how people get things finished. If I could I would knit all day every day, but I do need to work…so looking forward to retirement, but that’s not for at least 10 years!!! Have to get these kids through college!


We’re just driving down to Rochester MN, to stay in a hotel, swim, browse antique stores, and hike in the state park…I wonder if I’ll have any knitting time!!! P.S. I used to go to church too…but not for years!


Update: I am swatching for SURE. I forgot that Kirsten Kapur’s pattern for the Colorwash Scarf includes a special little swatch recipe so you can get a really good eyeball on your gauge. It’s like when your doctor says to take Vitamin D and hands you the bottle. How can you not take her advice?


Update: I did one repeat of the swatch recipe and am now throwing caution to the wind. Good luck, knitters!


All right, I’m up and rolling with Skein Top Draw Sock in Southern Sky and Industrial Age:


I decided which yarn I was going to use and wound it this morning before getting ready for work. Thinking of changing my mind and instead of using River’s Edge Fiber Arts Spotted Dog in coordinated colors Patchy (has white in it) and OOAK (One Of A Kind) I think I want instead to use Icemelon’s Stash ‘Go Home Wool You’re Drunk’ (selected for the name as much as the colors in it). Knitters - how do you decide between 2 different sets of wonderful yarns? Flip a coin?


Tough call! I would take a poll or flip a coin.

I’m two repeats in. Colors are Electric Pop (semi-solid) and Candy.


Ok, i am in - i have a major case of wanting to knit everything i see - i have 2 skeins of Airy by Miss Kim from The Woolen Rabbit that jumped out of my stash and said “knit me, knit me” . Thanks for the inspiration


I was so tempted to break my “work from the stash in 2017” resolution but I held firm and pulled out this Madelinetosh Pashmina which I have had for ages. It’s a sport weight so I went up to an 8. I started on a 6 but wasn’t getting the drapiness, couldn’t find a 7, so 8 it is. I wish I had chosen a wooden needle though. The metal is so slippery it’s a little annoying but I am plugging along. One tip - if you are working in one color, it’s only a two row pattern. It’s easier to memorize if you write out: RS K2 y/o K1 y/o cl3 til end, K rem. WS K1 K2tog purl to last 2, y/o K2. Easy!


Thanks for the single-color simplification- really helpful :dart:


Using Lichen & Lace Orchid. Swatched and blocked on size 6, but didn’t get gauge, so now knitting on size 7 needles. I’ve done 4 repeats of pattern and finally getting a rhythm.