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Colorwash Scarf Knitalong: Swatching?


It is exciting seeing how far others are already and different yarn choices. I’ve chosen stash yarn: a lovely springtime choice from Knitivity Yarns.

Now to pull out my swift and get started!


Looking good!

I went up to a 7, too. I’m doing two-color Pewter colorway.

I got rhythm on the pattern once I noticed how the RS rows END. It’s either 4, 3, or 2 stitches, so when I approach the end of the row, I see what’s left and don’t do that thing where I botch the stitch pattern at the edge.


Hi, it’s Kirsten Kapur, the Colorwash designer here. I know lots of folks have already replied to your question about swatching, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents as well. Since this project starts with so few stitches, you can always just cast on and think of the first 6 inches or so as your swatch. If it’s not working, you’ll know quickly enough and you can rip back, if it is working you’ll already be 6" in. Looking forward to watching everyone’s Colorwash Scarves grow. I wish I had the time to knit another and join in on the fun.


It’s really fun to see your single color version. It looks so elegant in this shade.


(Googling how to bring yarn up two rows somewhat tidily.)


Here’s my progress. I almost changed my yarn choice because I was afraid of stripes but my 2 are blending very well. Thanks on that goes to Carol from River’s Edge Fiber Arts. I picked out her Spotted Dog in a multi-solid (large blocks of aqua shaded from med. to dark and purple to periwinkle) labeled OOAK (one of a kind) 1st and she helped me choose a coordinating colorway called Patchy (that’s the one with some white and spots of maroon in addition to the aqua/purples). Started my 7th set of pattern rows this AM.


I’m kind of wishing I’d gone up to an 8! I’m on a 7 and it’s fine. But I may still be a stitch shy of gauge. I’m just gonna block the heck out of this thing.


I swatched! I’m having some carpal/cubital trouble with my right hand, so I wasn’t sure how the support glove would affect my knitting (normally I can get gauge at the recommended needle size but other times I’m a loose knitter). I tried a 5 to start (my 6s are otherwise occupied) and it was just too small. I did some lazy mental math (really more like mental estimating) and decided to go up to a 7, which gave me perfect stitch and row gauge (with blocking)! The top swatch was done on the 5 (with garter stitch borders) and the bottom one was on the 7. I’m using the Rosewood colorway from the shop; the photo was taken in my studio in late afternoon light without any filter. (I love how much sunshine my studio gets.)


Thanks for this suggestion as It helps with my (didn’t) swatch guilt. Will measure at six inches.


I’m feeling the same way about needle size but I’ll note this for the next time. I’m finally in a good groove with the 7s and I’m sticking with it!

I’m loving all of everyone’s color choices!


I’m wondering about what the pattern would do when used with a gradient. Anyone else given it any thought?


I hate swatching because I’m impatient, so I tried to just jump in, even though I’ve never knitted anything that is not a rectangle or a hat–it was OK that it took me several hours to knit the first 13 rows because I was waiting for my 11th grader to finish a research paper. I basically got 2/3 of every row right, and sometimes the stitch count was just what it said it should be. I intended to persist, until I saw I would have to count hundreds of rows-- at that point I despaired of making anything more than a huge tangle, ripped it all out and embarked upon a one row pattern with the same yarn, thinking I would just make a basic striped thing. But these posts make me want to try one more time. With swatching. I’ll go up to size 7s and do it at my knitting group tomorrow, where more advanced knitters will egg me on and save me from flailing. If I can do that swatch in an hour then I’ll be back for the shawl.


I’m also using rosewood (b) and beach glass (a). Not a big deal but don’t the directions say to use rosewood as the solid and the photo shows beach glass as solid? I think I prefer beach glass but have a hard time not obeying directions. Just wonder if I am reading it right.


I just stared last night, and am finding the pattern very putzy. I feel like I knit for about 2 hours, and only got to row 22!!! Maybe I’ll find my groove tonight when I pick it up again. I’m using the Pewter colorway too! I did swatch, but my swatch came out very strangely shaped, so I didn’t even bother measuring it!!!


I think you’re right! The photo shows the ending border in beach glass but the instructions say it is worked in color B, which the materials list indicates is Rosewood. I also prefer beach glass for the border… I’m having some stitch count problems, I think, so I may rip out entirely and start over with the colors reversed.


Changed my mind about ripping back (and found where the pattern got messed up, not too far down) - I’ll just do the border in Beach Glass when I get to it.


I almost ripped this out on Friday after two repeats. A little voice (that I listened to, for once) said that maybe this yarn & pattern needed more time to fully develop. Here it is this morning, I’m nearly finished with 12 repeats. More pics and words in a blog post here.


Thanks for confirming. I’m getting close to the border. Just over 100 sts on. Glad I started with the contrast to visualize the pattern better but I’m going to try it in one variegated color next.


I made good progress on this last night, and it’s all starting to make sense! Thank you Ann for your comments about the 2, 3, 4 at the end of the rows with the cluster pattern…that really helped!!!


I swatched! I see the pattern and I can knit it.