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Colorwash Scarf Knitalong: Swatching?


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! It’s so satisfying to get the rhythm of a pattern. I’m in a decent groove now, cleverly set up a killer head cold so I can hunker down with this.


So glad! Over the years, I have had so many misdventures along the edges of lace patterns. And it’s hard to see it sometimes until much later, when you look down and are all “Hello, unintentional yarnover.”


I just did an unintentional yarnover last night! Had to tink back a row and change. So annoying!


I am now able to see if I make a mistake and go back to correct! The pattern is really beautiful…I’m loving this, my very first knitalong!!!


I LOVE your colors!!!


SAME! I want to know ALL the things!


I didn’t watch. I meant to order Rosewood and Beachglass and when the yarn arrived I got Pewter and … I don’t remember the name. Not that I don’t have TONS of options in my stash, but I don’t have any singles yarn, so I splurged. I initially found the pattern to be hard to follow, but I “think” I am getting the hang of it and am starting to be able to feel my way through the repeats. Only 2 repeats done, sorry, no picture. I’ll try to remember to post tonight. And darn it!! I forgot my knitting at home today. May as well skip lunch if I can’t knit.

Love to see everyones colors.

Knit ON Friends~~


What is the best way to keep track of the 22 repeats of rows 13-24? And if you use stitch markers, are you using 22 of them? This is the part I’m dreading-- I e never done something when I had to keep count of rows before. Is it possible there is an “inches measurement” that also would work?


You increase 6 stitches per repeat. I wrote out how many stitches should be on the needles at end of each repeat and came up with this:

When a repeat is done and my stitch count is correct, I highlight it “done.”


Hmmm, appreciate your math. I counted sporadically and got 64 stitches on row 7. I don’t see any botches but not to say there aren’t any, but my pattern columns all line up. So will forge ahead and remember that,thankfully for me, knitting is not like sewing! Fudging allowed. Lol


I used paper and pencil. Wrote 1 through 21 on the left hand side for row repeats and then 13 through 24 to the right of each repeat for each row. After completing each row I crossed it off. Finding that a complete repeat of rows 13 to 24 takes me about 25 minutes. Just a suggestion. It really helps me stay on track and crossing off each row is motivating me to do at least two sets of rows 13 to 24 per day.


Thank you, that’s a great idea!


This is very helpful-- I’m not used to having to keep track of things like this-- thank you!


Same here, used trusty Excel and made me a chart. Loving this knit!


I also have had to balloon the needle size to try for gauge. Started with 4’s (which mean really 6s since I am such a loose knitter, then tried 6, now about to try 7s (really 9s)! Wondering if the yarn I got (M. Tosh fingering weight) is less substantial somehow than the recommended yarn.


Just a spectator for this one, but am really enjoying the thread and craving more pictures, please. The various colors and combos are so interesting!


I’m up to 75 stitches on the needle. I’m using size 6 and kind of wish I had bumped up to 7, but hopefully the stitches will open up a bit during blocking.


Update- I blocked as aggressively as I could and before I took out the pins measured. Gauge was actually closer with the 4s (really 6s) so I knitted about 35 rows. It was SO tiny and scrunched up I re-measured the swatch (now 3 days off the blocking square) and found that the 6 or 7s seem closer to gauge. Starting again with the 6s (which are actually 8s) and fingers crossed.


This is the first time I’ve joined in with a KAL and its so nice seeing what other folk are doing. And some useful tips too. I swatched to practice the pattern, which was helpful. Now up to repeat number 12. I’m using Malabrigo Mechita in Diana and WalkCollection Cozy Merino in Greyhound.


I love these colors!!! So rich and beautiful!