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Colorwash Scarf Knitalong: Swatching?


I love this so far! I am using Cascade Heritage Silk turquoise for B and String Theory Caper Sock in blues/greens for A, on a 6. Here it is after 2 repeats.


I’ve finally hit the 100 stitches mark on this…I really need to get going so I can cast on my mouse, once I get the kit…I’m thinking I can make good progress tonight and tomorrow…will not have much time to knit this weekend…Bummer!!!


Done! Finished and blocked yesterday. The stitch really opened up, as advertised.


It’s so beautiful!!! I can’t wait to be done with mine!


Thanks! I hope to see a picture of yours, too. :slight_smile:


That colour way is SO good - it just glows!


It’s 2 different kettle-dyed sock yarns from Knit Picks, one lighter yellow
and one darker yellow. So it technically is striped, but the colors are so
close that they kinda blend together. I really like how it turned out.


Finished! Blogged! I LOVE IT!!


This color & drape is quite stylish!


Reminds me of honeycomb - so pretty!


GREAT combination - love it :slight_smile:


Oooh, you’re right! I hadn’t thought of that until you said it.


I loved your post. i too hate swatching. I think that and bust darts (I’ve never done them) are the biggest obstacles to my knitting a sweater.

With these little scarves and shawlettes I just start knitting and if I don’t like the fabric after a while I may change it. Of course, that’s still not swatching since I don’t block it. Recently I ripped out 3 times to change my needle on an irregular triangle scarf thing. It didn’t bother me at all,* instead I just felt like I was learning the very easy leash pattern better. Each to her own brand of lunacy (that’s a rough translation of my mother’s Yiddish saying that “everyone has their own Mishagos.”** One knitter suggested I swatch for project B or C while knitting project A. So that way it spdoesnt feel like I’m waiting for he project to begin. I think it’s a great idea, even though I still haven’t done it.

  • OK, to be completely honest by the 3rd time I was questioning this method. But ran out of yarn before finishing so I still don’t know how well it worked out.

**apologies because I don’t know how to spell Yiddish words. Truth be told, I don’t know how to spell many English ones either, although if you ever see me misspell a word it’s due to autoINcorrect. :wink:


I finished in on Friday and blocked it over the weekend. Just love it. Thanks for the inspiration

<img src="/uploads


It is so pretty and I love the stripes in the natural section. Good job dyeing and knitting!


Very Clever!! Is one Hawthorne?


No, they’re both Stroll Tonal. I don’t remember the names of the colors and
I threw away the tags. They were both in my stash forever, so the colors
may have been discontinued at this point.


I’m a bit behind on the whole knitting along concept, since I’m finally going to cast on and/or swatch tonight. The pattern is slightly more complex than my usual fare, but everyone’s pictures are so inspiring! If I get stuck, I know where to turn for help. :slight_smile:


Help. I got up to row 17. Botched it. Must have dropped a stick a few rows back. Cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix lace. Thinking about ripping back to start or just giving up. Any suggestions. :weary:


I would suggest ripping back to where you dropped the stitch. I had to rip back a couple of times on this pattern, but after the last time, I got in the groove and now I’m almost done and ready to block!!!