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Colorwash Scarf Knitalong: Swatching?


Once you get in the groove, the pattern is easy to remember. I was frustrated at first, and thought I could never finish, but now I’m almost done!!! You can do it!


Fixing lace seems to be a puzzle. Twice so far my yo’s have shifted one st to the left of where they should be, thereby wrecking the nice diagonals. Another time a half row insinuated itself into one side, also wrecking the diagonals and introducing some lumpiness.

I never did figure out how these problems happened. In the first case I managed to rip back to the row before the shift happened, but it took about 5 tries and some fudging to get the next rows aligned properly. Luckily a friend told me how to do a lifeline easily so the next 2 issues were corrected more easily.

Fortunately probably due to all these rewinds I can now recognize where those sl sts and psso’s and yo’s are supposed to go and that makes it easier to spot where things are going wrong so they can be fixed with minimal disruption.

Good luck


Going to rip back, fingers crossed that I pick up all the right stitches. Then, I will use a life line. Completely forgot about lifelines! Thank you for your help.


You are so right. I am going to rip back to where it is in pattern, hoping the yarn cooperates when I let’er rip🤓. Thank you for the advise and support. Absolutely what I needed to hear.


Finally finished knitting! Still need to wash, block, and weave in ends. In my enthusiasm to complete the lace portion and move to the garter section, I messed up my stitch count and had to tink back a couple of repeats. Glad to be done!


So pretty! Way to go!!!


Hooray! I’m actually understanding the pattern and making progress. I’m glad I chose to just use one color. It is definitely simplifying things for me. Thank you to everyone for all of the tips!


My “blocking game” has peaked! Hopefully, this is what it’s supposed to look like.


I’m done, super happy with this, details on ravelry @mbknits!


Really pretty! I like the color and the sport weight yarn. Nice job!


Finally was able to post this pic. The lighting is BAD, but I finished and blocked!!! Love it!


How long did the scarf end up being I think I may have used the wrong size needle


It blocked out to about 70 inches wide (measured across the straight edge)
and 19 inches deep.


Thanks for the information


This has been my portable and thus occasional project over the summer so my progress has been glacial.

I’m just over 1/2 of the lacy section and getting anxious about the length, which the book claims will be about 85 inches. What I’ve got now looks like I’ll be lucky to get much past 5 feet, and I didn’t undertake this to make myself a bandana!

I know it will stretch with blocking but am having trouble believing it could possibly stretch that much, so I’m thinking I will just keep going past those 150+ sts until I run out of yarn.

Has anyone else knit further than the pattern dictates? Did you end up with what you hoped for, or does it get too big?


I extended the border including some stripes in marsh Lily like vknitorius but using the pewter colorway. The bigger scarf is more shawl-like so versatile. I like it.


Thanks for the reassurance. I haven’t been doing stripes – my plan was changing color only at the border. But I was hoping for something more shawl-like so I guess I’d better start stripes now to try to extend the yarn.

Glad you like yours.


The lace pattern seems to be blending my 2 yarns (1 is small stretches of color mixed with white splotches the other is longer stretches of the same colors but no white) really well. Start your stripes any where - based on what I’m seeing in mine you should be OK. Keep going - post a photo of your variation when you get far enough. Every time I pick mine up I wonder how it would work with a gradient. Love the variations knitters - keep them coming!


This has been in my car for over a year now, with occasional outings to various waiting rooms, so I am WAY behind everyone else. Over these months I also forgot my intention to do stripes so I could make the scarf longer than the pattern. Now I find I’m about to run out of main yarn way before I hit 153 stitches!

So I will have to extend, using the color that will be the garter stitch patch. Any opinions on 3 alternatives: (a) stripes as dictated by pattern (b) starting a sort of intarsia-like block of analogous color partway across a row and continuing that split up the rows © knit to the very last st of current color, then switch?


I would do stripes, which blends the colors in an amazing way, until you run out. And tell everyone that you planned it that way!