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Crete Cardi/Jacket


Is anyone making the Crete cardigan/jacket? Ann wrote about hers a while back, and so I started one. I am enjoying the pattern (for sale on Ravelry). I will say that I am making it because I saw the picture of Ann’s because the picture on the pattern does not do it justice.


Joanne, I hope you have half as much fun as I had making mine. It’s such an easy pattern, but never dull to knit. What yarn are you using? I’m tempted to make another one!


I am usingZeitlos Solid 110 which is a red/merlot color and Zeitlos multi that coordinates. If I can figure out how to post a picture I will. I did post it on Ravelry.


I’m making one after Hadley.


I have the pattern and some uarn but I have not started it yet. It may be next in the queue.


That’s been on my “Someday” list since I saw the first picture from Rhinebeck! I look forward to seeing pictures from you folks who are planning to make one :slight_smile:


I bought the pattern too, and I agree that the photo doesn’t do it justice and that Ann’s account and photos are what made me want it. I can’t wait to choose just the right colors.


I’ve got my yarn and the pattern. It was going to be next (after I finished Stopover) but then Hadley and your Knit-A-Long snared me.


Hooray! I’m making my 3rd with slightly heavier yarn (black worsted and crazy multicolor Rios) knit at the same gauge.


Pretty. Nice use of color.


Beautiful! And thanks for answering my pattern question. Knit on!


I just started making Crete with one mulitcolored yarn. I love it and plan to make another with 2 colors.


I made one last year and really like it but it is dark; I would like a lighter one, like Ann’s. Actually, I would like Ann’s. Want my address?!


Thanks to Ann, I, too have the pattern. I’ve been swatching. I want to the Cascade Yarn Nikki from my stash and it’s bulky at least. I was hoping to make the smallest size, with larger gauge. Still too large. Which means alot of math. On hold but I WILL !!!


I have finished my test and am back to Crete. On the second sleeve. Hope to finish next weekend as it pairs with some of my summer dresses.


I love the colors. I’ve been wanting to pick mine back up too…


Lovely Colors. I was just looking at the yarn I have designated for Crete. Then I looked at the W-I-P pile that seems to be breeding. I sighed and went back to working on the shawl that is almost done while the weather here is still in the cool corner of summer and I can stand it in my lap.


Thank you. It is happy yarn.


Thank you. I’ll look forward to seeing yours eventually.


Done! Not blocked yet.

but I plan to wear this week and then do.