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Dinner Last Night


What brilliant piece of random cookery did you commit last night? Please share so we can steal your idea.


We grazed all weekend. My boyfriend started out on Friday night with a pot roast that never really made it all the way out of the pot. Lot’s of slicing off a piece and grabbing a potato. Yum. That led to a few little sandwiches on Saturday. Little sandwiches are so much more fun than one big sandwich. You have a bite, I have a bite. Good times. By Saturday afternoon, a few leftover chicken cutlets became chicken tacos. Same deal as the pot roast–just graze as you go. All the leftovers chicken and pot roast leftovers got finished on Sunday including homemade french fries from the last of the spuds. By evening we both had an odd craving for a good hot dog so a quick trip to the market made that a reality. It was lovely!


We had a thing we call hash - sausages, potatoes, carrots, peppers, celery, onions, garlic, a generous spoonful of smoked paprika, all cut up into small pieces and cooked in a bit of olive oil together until it’s all tender, then throw a few poached or fried eggs on top.


I made a lamb stew from the new magazine Milk Street. The stew has a Mediterranean vibe. It called for spinach, but I used swiss chard from my garden as well as parsley from my garden. Also, where it called for lemon juice, I put in a quarter of a preserved lemon chopped up. (I preserved them last summer)

Alas, my husband didn’t like it. Well, he said the lamb chunks were good. (You coat them in a spice mix and let them sit for a bit before putting them in the stew.) He was like, no potatoes? :unamused:

Oh well, more leftovers for me. But I won’t be making it again. :pensive:


Last night was a nice plain steak with rosemary, to inaugurate a new grill. Baked potato, green beans with ginger butter.

But Saturday night we had friends over, and I made one of my favorite kinds of meal, a sheet pan supper (right up there with cast-iron skillet suppers). Chicken thighs, sliced delicata squash, sliced fennel bulb, red grapes; brown sugar, cumin, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper sprinkled/rubbed over all. Skillet cornbread. My mom’s apple crisp, known as Apple Flub-Dub. The main course, from Epicurious, was so, SO good.


roasted butternut squash (cubed) with sage leaves and nutmeg, a very few thin slices of chorizo, and a little manchego. we practically inhaled the squash. I’d be having it for lunch but I had roasted brussels sprouts that were in line to exit the fridge next.


Tomatillo Chicken Soup in the crockpot!! It cooked all day, making the house smell wonderful while I knit away!


Not last night, but recently, I made homemade “spaghettios”. It’s a basic but delicious tomato sauce, simmered and mixed with ditalini pasta (closest to the original “O” shaped kind from the can). Oh and I added cut up turkey meatballs. The best part was the husband and BOTH KIDS ate it!!! Shock and awe from me!!!


We had turkey stew. I’m no a big fan of turkey breast, but this is like some kind of feel-good potion. I roasted a large turkey drumstick and we ate one meal as a standard roast dinner. But the leftover meat cubed and added to diced onion, carrot, swede and potato, with a bit of leftover gravy and some stock, makes a very delicious stew.

I can belive that turkey contains endorphins or whatever after eating a dose of this.


I am traveling right now so dinner was out! I had a really great Reuben… the place we went has my favorite Reuben ever… had good beer too :slight_smile:


We had what we call broccoli peanut. It’s basically broccoli and carrot just warmed enough not to be raw in a Asian style peanut sauce. The sauce is stolen from Smitten Kitchen cold Sesame noodles.


I have been eating leftover enchiladas for two days! My husband loves to throw a Boston butt in the crockpot with some sauce (very thin, vinegary) from our neighborhood BBQ place. I turned leftovers into enchiladas with spinach, cheddar, and Rick Bayless verde sauce. So good I’m a little sad they’re finally gone!


I got that magazine too! There were a few recipes I would like to try…


Y E S . We love that sauce. On everything…


Burritos. Tonight was spaghetti and meatballs.


I love this type of meal! I usually shove it all on a cookie sheet and roast in the oven because I like things nice and crispy.


I’ve been feeling a significant lack of veggies in my life, so I picked up a salad mix on the way home. The mix was spring greens plus pea shoots, which I love and haven’t had in ages. Added to that were sauteed shallots, andouille sausage, an orange juice vinaigrette, and rolls made from discarded sourdough starter.

But then tonight, I just ate a couple of slices of baguette. I blame a late lunch…


Last night’s dinner was marvelous catfish curry from our favorite Indian cookbook (Rick Stein’s India). We cook curries at least twice a week. So easy, once the spice cabinet is well stocked!


That sounds fabulous!


This could be made in a slow cooker too!

I made rigatoni with a very hearty tomato based beef sauce. I chopped a red onion, a yellow onion, about 800 cloves of garlic in a large Le crueset ovenproof Dutch oven. Cranked the oven to 375.
In the pot I put a boneless FROZEN chuck roast, leftover red sauce FROZEN, mirepoix FROZEN, a container of beef stock, a small can of tomato paste and a jar of tomato sauce.
Then I left the house for 4 hours. Came home to a heavenly smelling house.
Fork shredded the beef, stirred it all in, lowered the heat to 250 and cooked it 3 more hours.
Served with rigatoni, fresh cracked pepper and shaved parm.
So good.