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Dinner Last Night


Michele, this is EPIC. You’re really inspiring me to try harder–it’s so


Thank you! We only do teas once or twice a year. The big one for 60 is a fund raiser at church. This little tea for 9 girls was a piece of cake! Or a lemon bar…

It was really fun to do this for them. Overheard: “I’ve never had such fancy food before!”

Overheard later: Several girls discussing the Warren Supreme Court. They were on the Grant High School Constitution team, and took second place at the national competition this spring.

Having had 2 sons, it was really fun to put on the fussy stuff for a group of girls!


I must look up Vietnamese chicken recipes! I am currently looking for the plums needed for a Vietnamese fizzy salty plum drink, and I might as well make chicken to go with it.


How do you make the fizzy salty drink? Is it with those dried plums? I love those, more than I love candy. Taste from childhood. What else goes into the drink?

Have you had shave ice/snow cones with ice cream in the bottom, and li hing mui (sweet/salty plum) dust on top? Yummmmmm.


I’m not sure if it’s the dried plums or the ones that come in a jar - can you recommend a brand of either? This is all new to me. I had the beverage at a Vietnamese restaurant and now am obsessed with recreating it at home (because the restaurant is a bit far away) and drinking it Every Single Day this summer!


Sounds so yummy that i searched and found a recipe for Soda Xi Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Plum Drink) at

Maybe this is it? I searched for vietnamese fizzy salty plum drink. There were several entries for Soda Xi Muoi.


LOL - I spent about two hours on that website today, saving recipes for all sorts of things, including the beverage :slight_smile: But I also found a couple of youtube videos that use the preserved plums from a jar, so I just don’t know which ones are the “right” ones to duplicate the drink I had at the restaurant. I’m hoping I can get a recommendation at the Asian grocery (hope to get there this week) or else I’ll have to go back to the restaurant and beg them to tell me. Even the ravelry hivemind couldn’t come up with a definite answer!


I haven’t ever used the ones in a jar; that’s new to me. I’m not Vietnamese; I’m Chinese-American, so not sure about this drink! One of the ones I found on the web was quite red looking, and I know some of the dried plums have red food coloring in them, which I try to avoid. The ones in the jar weren’t red, so maybe that’s a clue.

Were there plums in the bottom of your drink at the restaurant? Was your drink red?

The plot thickens!


I just put up a blog post that includes my recipe for Vietnamese Chicken.

WWKIP Day, KAL Party, non-yarn chicken!


I spent some time there too! Please do let us know about the plums and dishes you make.


Reporting back re: my attempts to recreate the beverage called Vietnamese Salty Plum Soda at the Vietnamese restaurant. Using YT and blog research, a trip to the Asian grocery store, and rigorous experimentation on a series of hot afternoons, I’ve got something refreshing that works for me. But I won’t be drinking this every day because Wow So Much Sugar! Not quite as much as a can of Coke, but not far off.
Anyway, for those who asked for a follow-up, here’s how:

One or two pickled plums, muddled a bit in the bottom of a glass with a couple of tablespoons (yikes) of sugar. Add a few ice cubes, then tonic water to the top. Stir. Sip. Yum.
If you try it, I hope you like it!


Wow. Thank you for reporting back! Looks and sounds so good…I’ll be heading for the Asian grocer.


We make a drink in our house that is crushed ice, sake topped with plum wine with a squeeze of lime. So delish!


I’m game! Next time at the market…


And I am marinating chicken in (something like) your Vietnamese chicken recipe at this very moment! First time I’ve bought fish sauce :slight_smile:


I love mojitos for hot weather. I am trying to decide if it worth the slog to the grocery store for the fresh mint and the seltzer. Sure would taste good.


I highly recommend 3 Crab brand fish sauce. And Red Boat is good, and gluten free if that’s an issue for you or a guest.


I bought Squid brand, as it was one of the two - along with your favorite 3 Crab - recommended to me. Oddly, it was the garlic I didn’t have. Well, I did, but it was ultra-dehydrated (=ancient and inedible). Next time I’ll follow your recipe more completely, but even missing the garlic I really enjoyed the chicken :slight_smile:


It is hot and ridiculously humid in New Orleans at the moment, so last night’s whole supper was a salad made with fresh spinach, fresh cherries, feta cheese, and lots of pecans that I toasted and then candied on top of the stove. Dressed it with olive oil, fig vinegar, salt, pepper, and a pinch of sugar. Had French bread on the side. We ate like royalty!


I’m making this for a knitterly July 4th party tomorrow! Really looking forward to it!