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Dinner Last Night


That sounds completely brilliant. Well done! Nashville humidity is putting
me off food entirely, which is tragic!


These were fantastic! So fantastic that I didn’t even get one. They are going into high circulation in my kitchen.


Grilled halibut, guacamole, potato salad (burgers for the meat eaters) and strawberry blueberry shortcake for the 4th


None? That’s so not fair! I’ve been known to sneak bits off during that last turn on the grill. Did you do wings or drums?


I did sneak some bits off before I served them. It’s the only way I know how good they were!! I was actually delighted that they were such a hit. I did drumsticks (which I love) and my cilantro was kind of meh so I sliced some scallions over them instead. I might add a smidgen of canola to the marinade in the future as they stuck to the grill a bit but not enough to make it a problem. Actually, that’s how I got most of my tastes so maybe I won’t add the oil. :grinning:


Just chiming in here to say that I love this conversation–it makes me feel
like I’m in there cooking with you guys, even as I’m eating Chipotle and
feeling clever for adding guacamole.


Wouldn’t cooking together be fun!! When we buy one of those big old Insomnia Real Estate Houses, we’ll have to plan a party!


I completely love this idea. (Schemes up someplace where we could fix
dinner . . .)


We have a commercial kitchen at work with plenty of space, a beautiful lawn and a really cool old building. Easy to get to from NYC and Westchester County. Just sayin’.


And did I mention we are kicking off a Fussy Cuts Blanket soon?


Oooh, cooking/knitting party!


Last night we had tuna melts and a wonderful greek pasta salad with tomatoes, peppers, red onions, feta cheese, greek olives and this delicious spinach rotele pasta, Yum…and I’ve decided that ALL food tastes better when cooked by your husband!!! Before we got married 4 years ago, he asked if it would be OK if he did most of the cooking!!! This being asked of a 10 year single mom of 4 kids…my reply…aaaaah yes, that would be just fine!


I am officially obsessed with this marinade. Last night I got a little crazy with it. Here’s what I did.

Made the marinade.
Threw five nice big chicken thighs into a bag with it and let them sit in the fridge for about four hours.
Heated about a tablespoon of olive oil with 1/2 a tablespoon of butter in my big skillet and browned the chicken in it. This did not take long because of the sugar in the marinade.
Sprinkled about three tablespoons of flour over all the fat left in the pan and made a roux.
Added about cup (maybe more) of chicken stock and scraped up all the crispy bits.
Put the chicken back in and added a cup or so of the leftover marinade.
Brought it to a boil, slapped a lid on it, turned it down to low and simmered it until the chicken was ridiculously tender (45 minutes to an hour).
Took the chicken off and added a little more flour (whisk it like your life depends on it) and a few spoonfuls of sour cream to balance the heat.
Chicken back in the pan and coated it with the ridiculously delicious grave (pretty thin gravy–just lovely).
Made some rice and the rest was history.

Dayum girl. This marinade rocks.


Oh, myyyyyyy. That sounds divine! You’ve taken it to new heights. Now I’m going to have to try that…


I think I’m going to do something with pork in the marinade tonight. I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. I’m loving your blog. I see that bee shawl in my future.


That marinade is the gift that keeps on giving! Savory perfection.

Thanks for reading my blog! I guess it’s time to write a new post. I’ve been buried in a new design, so nothing but knitting this week.


What is your favorite food guys?? I am a big fan on fruits and vegetables. Yesterday I cooked delicious carrot pie. The main ingredient was carrot which I picked up from my garden. All vegetables and fruits I like to store in refrigerator. I used special containers of it which I found on and when I need fresh carrots for my pie in winter I took it from my refrigerator.


Oh, wow, that’s such a big question for me right now. I’ve been doing a
Whole30, which is a 30-day clean-eating program designed to simplify food
options down to meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, and clean fats. (Olive oil,
avocadoes, ghee.) People usually talk about Whole30 by focusing on what you
can’t eat (dairy, alcohol, beans/soy/peanuts, all grains including
rice/quinoa, sugar), but I’m trying really hard to focus on what I CAN eat,
and why it’s good for me and makes me feel better. Still, when you ask
what’s my favorite food, I keeping thinking the words Baked Goods. Maybe I
need to change my thinking to Roasted Cauliflower. I’m trying . . .


My favorite food is whatever is available when I’m hungry, I’m sorry to say. I genuinely love vegetables, and if I don’t have to stop and scrub, slice, or otherwise prepare them, veggies are usually the first thing I’ll reach for. And if I have leftovers or frozen portions of healthy homemade food of any kind, I’ll almost always go for that over sweets or snacks. But…if there isn’t something “good” ready to eat in about 3 minutes, I will eat whatever form of chips, crackers, cookies, etc. IS ready to eat. I’m not proud of this, but it is a fact. I wish I enjoyed cooking more.


In retrospect, it occurs to me this response may fall under the category of “oversharing” or at least “over-answering”!