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Dinner Last Night


I think I’d try to substitute something–maybe smoked paprika? curry powder?

Neither one is much like cumin, but they could work with the grapes and veggies.


I’ve been up since six am with my two grand monsters. It was a rainy day so we did not get out. Most of the day the 18 month old was clinging to me like a body part because he misses his mommy. I don’t mind except that I am old and my other body parts are stiff and complaining about the extra thirty pounds. Note to self: need to lose thirty pounds.
I am going to have cheerios for dinner.


Okay - dinner last night was fantastic - Pumpkin Risotto I followed the recipe exactly (except I used an onion finely diced because I had no shallots) and it was incredible.


I’m getting up right now to saute some garlic and (frozen) broccoli that I’ll toss with lemon zest and spread on (thawed, but made by me) pizza dough. While the oven is on for the pizza, I’m baking the tofu that’s been marinating, roasting sweet potatoes for soup and muffins and also cooking some wee potatoes, just to have ready. This will make the next few days a few steps easier.

I’d like to talk about Thanksgiving Feasts…:poultry_leg:


We need a separate Thanksgiving feed. Haha, pun not intended.
But I eat keto (try to anyway) so it’s a little different for me…


Excellent idea–I just set up a topic, “Thanksgiving Feast Planning.” Do share!


Continuing to work my way through sheet Pan and Cast-Iron skillet cookbooks. Last night, sheet pan–haddock on roasted sliced potatoes with garlic, lemon, and capers. That last is a no-lose combination, I think. It was good.


Roasted broccoli (425 oven) and socca (google because so many ways but I favor Bittman)


Tonight was grilled bratwurst, roasted broccoli, and smashed sweet potatoes. I ate far more of everything than I should have. (Not for any moral reason, but rather because I can barely move now!)


Ok, I googled socca and it sounds intriguing. So few ingredients and I happen to have a bag of chick pea flour on hand! (Can I say how happy I am about those Bob’s Red Mill displays in the IGA) So you cook it and top it with anything? The possibilities!


It was another sheet pan recipe: pork tenderloins on a bed of chunked butternut squash, Granny Smiths, red onion, and garlic. Thyme sprinkled over the vegetables, Herbes de Provence rubbed on the meat. Roast at 450 for 15 minutes, flip the meat, roast 15 more minutes. Absolutely foolproof. That is, unless your oven timer bows out during the second 15 minutes and you don’t notice until half an hour later. Sigh . . . still tasty, but medium well instead of nice and rosy.


We made pork shoulder roast last night and served it as tacos. I just learned how to warm the tortillas on the gas burner for a little char. OMG so good. I just threw some chili powder and onions and red wine vinegar on the meat. Yuuuuuuum.


I had socca with apricots and sauteed swiss chard once. Oh, and pistachios. It was crave worthy!


This will be a regular in my repertoire from now on! I went out to the garden and cut fresh rosemary and also some chard. I am curious if this reheats well, it may be part of our Thanksgiving weekend fare.


Yes, as long as you used the toaster oven or the real oven.

sometimes I use it as a base for roasted veggies or other toppings. make the socca, then pile roasted veggies on top and maybe a little cheese, it you like cheese, and pop under the broiler for five minutes. My favorite combo for this is cauliflower, green pepper, mushroom, onion, and some oregano. even my pickiest child will eat it.


Tonight my son cooked. He made pecan crusted chicken and I made maple syrup candied carrots. The fiancé added a salad with apples. I made a pecan pie, using a store bought crust, and we were all quite satisfied with ourselves.
My mother had a bag of fresh pecans sent from the south so we are pecan happy.


I made lasagna on Saturday. We had the leftovers last night. What is better than left over lasagna??


nothing. nothing is better than leftover lasagna.


Anything from Deb Perelman is sure to be wonderful, but this one takes the cake:

It’s meant to be a side dish, but I added quinoa and called it dinner. Also, none of the grocery stores in my town sell sumac, so I trusted the interwebs and subbed it out for lemon zest and black pepper.

I will admit, it took me a while to make, but mostly because I was puttering around the kitchen to avoid folding laundry…


The only place I’ve found sumac is a specialty store. We have a locally-owned store that’s mostly about gourmet olive oils and spices.