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Dinner Last Night


Lucky you! I love pecans.


last night was mushroom barley risotto - a recipe from Cooking Light, which claims that it’s not as creamy as risotto made with arborio. I guess that’s a little bit true, but MAN OH MAN WAS IT DELICIOUS. we had a friend over, and the three of us were all making those pleased grunting sounds.

used baby bella mushrooms instead of shitake, and subbed chicken stock for the homemade version the recipe calls for. no suffering.

added roasted butternut squash and sauteed spinach on the side, and it totally WINS.


I made broccoli and potato soup with vegetable broth and cheese tonight. Added some croutons and it was a meal. Basically whatever you have around and don’t have to go out in the rain shopping for soup. I am told it was remarkably good, but I can’t taste much due to congestion.
I really do have to go to the supermarket.


Two dinners popular with my people this week. Here’s the first,
beef stew cooked in the oven most of the day (use the whole bottle of wine):


And the second:

Quick and cheap shepard’s pie (we used precooked mashed potatoes with it):


Home alone tonight. I glanced through my recent NYT Cooking emails and was inspired to make Linguine with Lemon Sauce, a recipe by Pierre Franey. I used penne because that was what I had. It was very simple: pasta, butter, lemon, Parmesan, cream. And delicious!


Last night was creamy mac and cheese from the New York Times with kielbasa and caramelized sauerkraut. Delish! Of course I forgot my leftovers for lunch today.


Did something NEW and EASY last night. Which made me feel really smart because I cooked ahead.

On Sunday we had chicken fettuccine alfredo, but I cooked a whole crockpot full of chicken pieces (mostly thighs, plus a couple breasts for the alfredo). I shredded the thigh meat before it cooled off.

Last night I mixed the spices I usually use for beef burritos, bloomed them in fat in a cast-iron pan, and then added the shredded chicken and some water, and warmed up the chicken with plenty of stirring to mix in the spices. And we had chicken burritos.

We never had chicken burritos before, and hubby was skeptical, but he liked it! Hey Mikey!


Pappardelle with lamb ragout from an old Wine Spectator. Ground lamb, red wine, chicken broth, onion, celery, carrot, canned baby Roma tomatoes, cumin, coriander, fennel, red pepper flakes . . . mmmmm on a cold, snowy evening.


I made spaghetti squash for the first time and it was a pleasant surprise. My husband drowned it with lots of spaghetti sauce and cheese. He is trying to convince me it is still healthy with all that cheese.:slight_smile:


Wow, you’re amazing. I am not a fancy dinner cook.


I would like a steaming bowl of that right now.


Since it was cold and snowy all day yesterday in Wisconsin I wanted something warm and satisfying. Ended up with cheesy shrimp and grits with bran muffins. Delicious and it hit the spot.


after months of having no interest in cooking, i’ve been trying to get back into the game. last night was a baked buttercup squash, stuffed with spinach-cilantro-onion couscous, and topped with feta cheese. delicious and messy. and more than me and my Beloved could reasonably eat in one sitting.


Shrimp and grits always hits the spot!


Wine and cheese from the local shops! :slight_smile: Who knew Lambrusco was so delish?


We had breakfast for dinner last night: pancakes, bacon and eggs.


Breakfast for dinner is always an option at my house! :smiley:


We did this last night too! I declared it huevos rancheros, but teenage
Clif said, “Mom. Salsa is not the same thing as red sauce.” It did involve
avocados, so that was fancy.


Super easy and delicious Lentil and Veggie Soup was just what we needed after this busy day.