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Dinner Last Night


yesterday at about 3:30 o’clock, I made hard boiled eggs in my instant pot for the first time. They were perfect. Then I used Tim Ferris method of peeling eggs, which invloved taking a bit off the top and bottom and blowing the egg out of the shell. Jen and I were cracking up, but it worked!!
Then we used them to make deviled eggs. I made home made mayo because we were out and it was raining cats and dogs and I could not convince Mike to run out to the store to get it. I had to used bottled lime juice because I had no lemons. It was fine, by the way, I didn’t notice the difference - in case you are ever in a similar pickle. Speaking of pickles, I chopped up a couple and used them in the deviled egg mixture. And I sprinkled chili powder on them in the place of paprika. walla. a mid afternoon snack.
For dinner we had pancakes and bacon.


Last night I made shrimp and grits. Time consuming and a bit messy but totally worth it and there’s enough leftover for lunch today.


Thanks. Sounds like something we would like. I guess I thought it was corn like polenta. Thanks for sharing.


Chicken Cacciatore. Comfort food for me–it was one of the “fancy” dishes my grad school roommates and I knew how to make. Tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, mmmm.


Grits IS corn… hominy, to be precise. She only meant it has the consistency of cream of wheat. :slight_smile:


Misunderstood! I thought it was wheat! Still going to give it try. I like the idea of trying it with seafood.


We were going to have this really tasty chicken and cous cous recipe with mint and dried apricots and almonds etc, but guess who forgot to defrost the chicken? So, it looks like pasta tonight.


In progress: BBQ wings in a pressure cooker. Had some leftover Humboldt fog so I mashed it up with yogurt for a sauce. Yum! Oh, and red cabbage in a vinaigrette.


I have an Instant Pot shipping to me… should arrive tomorrow. :smiley:


I want to know all about it! I’ve almost ordered one a couple of times. I use my crock pot every week but I am one of the 4 people in America that isn’t in a rush in the evenings so I’m not sure if I need an appliance that cooks food so fast.
Tell us everything!


OK! I ran across this article and I’m going to be trying a lot of these things as I learn to use it.


You buy it in the aisle where the oatmeal is. Its ground corn.


I made a sweet potato hash based on a posting from PBS Food. I subbed my own chipotle-heavy spice mix for the harissa paste.
Surprised myself at how good it was.


I am loving Smitten Kitchen.

Last night we had roasted yams that had been tossed with honey, olive oil, red pepper flakes & smoked paprika. Served with roasted chick peas and plain greek yogurt with a little olive oil and lime juice whisked in. Nann and avocado on the side.


I love Smitten Kitchen.


Wow, that looks delicious.


Very interesting. I’m not sure these things have convinced me to buy one. Keep the info coming!


[Perfect! Thanks!](http://Perfect! Thanks!)


Well, the pressure-cooked eggs really do peel a lot easier… I might try making deviled eggs for the first time ever!

The second thing I fixed in my Instant Pot was an acorn squash that’s been kicking around my kitchen since I bought it at the farmer’s market last summer :laughing: I could have gotten two in there. Only half an hour from start to finish.


When I first got my Instant Pot I went to the library and took out a couple of books on pressure cooker recipes. My main source though is NomNompaleo with Michelle Tam. She uses it for some really tempting recipes.
I have used it for rice, yogurt, meatloaf and potatoes, and bone broth. And soup. the list goes on!