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Dinner Last Night


Last night we had a gathering for April birthdays. I made meatballs and zuchini noodles and a key lime pie. I have been on whole30 since feb and it was my first day off! I had and roasted cheese asparagus and garlic bread. And pie. Now what to do with the leftovers?


Our Easter dinner turned out to be a famous chef / cook affair, not on purpose, but because the recipes were enticing or already well-loved: Bobby Flay’s roast leg of lamb with sweet/sour mint and honey sauce; Alton Brown’s classic baked potato; Martha Rose Shulman’s roasted herbed carrots: Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate pavlova with whipped cream and mixed berries. Every single thing was delicious, although daughter’s making of the pavlova was a saga involving a trip to the semi-nearby country store for more eggs. If you make it, do read the comments. But again, it was luscious, and I am trying to convince myself not to have some for lunch.


Second-last serving of soup made with lots of vegetables - some frozen from my 2016 gardens - and the final chunk of the crockpot brisket. It was soooo good. Last bowl will be supper tonight.


Cool here last night but spring is right around the corner. We have begun the last hurray of winter cooking! Last night was chicken and dumplings–one of our all time favorites. I use the Pioneer Woman’s recipe with a few minor tweaks. I prefer dark meat so use three whole legs instead of her cut up chicken. I also cook it longer so the meat falls off the bones. I also really, really don’t like cooked celery so I leave it out and add in a teaspoon or so of celery seed and I up the sage and the turmeric a bit. It’s even better today.


That is my favorite meal, since childhood, but my dumpling success rate is around 50% since I broke the glass-lidded pot and donated its lid. mmmm.


This wasn’t dinner; I baked them after dinner. But look how cool!

My second attempt at bagels. Looking for the perfect texture…


I always get perfect dumplings from the Pioneer Woman recipe but I have to add the caveat that dumplings are like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There is no perfect recipe–just the one that you like best!

I’m happy to walk you through how I make them if you want to give them a try. And sorry about your pot. It’s always sad to lose a good one.


Last Sunday I marinated a gigantic (1 1/4#) boneless chicken breast and three huge chicken legs in homemade teriyaki for most of the day and then slapped them on the Weber (over charcoal, not a gas grill fan). Served a third that night with fresh asparagus and a shared sweet potato, another third last night with another shared sweet potato and steamed broccoli. I think the last third will get cut up and turned into a stir fry tomorrow night with bits of any vegetable hanging around in the fridge, sauced with two tablespoons of low-sodium soy sauce, a half-cup of chicken broth, a tablespoon of cornstarch, and a heaping spoonful of hoisin sauce stirred together then served over brown rice.


Ooh, horseradish in hummus, two of my faves. I’ll have to try it. I add toasted sesame seeds instead of tahini and a half-teaspoon of toasted sesame oil to my hummus. My fave add-ins are water-pack roasted red pepper or about a dozen pimento stuffed green olives, prechopped a bit.


I am making Smitten Kitchen’s Spagetti and cheese pie. it is in the oven now and smells really good.


Thank you for this post about the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Chicken and Dumplings…I made it last week and it was a huge hit with everyone in the house. My husband thought the tumeric was a bit odd in there, but I liked it! He normally does all the cooking so it was fun for me to get a turn!


My favorite food is Moussaka. If you have left overs, you can send them my way!


My favorite spring-is-here meal: fresh asparagus from the farmers market gently steamed and served over whole wheat toast, salt, pepper, yum! Scrambled eggs optional.


That may be the most elegant meal ever. Lovely!


That sounds lovely and Spring-y!
Here it’s been so cold again I made another massive pot of vegetable soup. I threw in some sunflower seed butter because I wanted to get the jar out of the fridge, and it turned the soup into something rich and thick that looks like I made it that way on purpose. Made rice to go with it :slight_smile:


The tumeric is a bit odd the first time you taste it but now we love it. I add more than the recipe calls for. Glad you enjoyed it. It’s a go-to recipe in ourhouse.


I browned some pork chops in a little olive oil then took them out of the pan and added a bag of sauerkraut, about a cup of applesauce and a tablespoon-ish of brown sugar. Cooked that all together for about 10 minutes, added the chops back in, slapped a lid on it and turned it down to low until the chops were tender and the kraut was starting to carmelize. It was delish.


Last night I unceremoniously ate the hot dog that my two year old grandson refused. I’m not proud.


Kicked off Barbecue Season with my kielbasa stuffed with carmelized sauerkraut and wrapped in bacon. It is really ugly but soooooooo good.


It was Monday, but I forgot to post. The (grown) kids came over for dinner, and we grilled a favorite. Vietnamese chicken! Traditionally it’s wings, but we like a little more meat so we do drums.

We had corn on the cob and a spinach/arugula salad on the side. Simple, simple, simple. And delicious.

Dessert: Leftover lemon bars, nutella fudge bites, and fruit skewers from a graduation tea I did on Saturday. (No blueberry shooters left over, shoot!)

Just for grins, here’s the rest of the tea food!