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Does Alice (CVM Silk) Live with You?


I am unable to resist the hard-pressure sales talk of Ann and Kay so a SQ of Alice CVM lives with me (I tried to resist, canceled my first order—-do not need another SQ of yarn!—-then ordered it again a few weeks later). I fell in love at first sight—-sniffed and petted and held her all afternoon.

Swatching has been a bit problematic, and since she is not registered on Rav, I feel alone in my troubles. For me and my needles, she is not a worsted. I get 15 st/4in with 6’s, 14st/4in with 8’s. Guess I should try 5s (yes, I am a loose knitter)… But wondering what others are finding. I still love Alice, but am worried about what/who she will grow into (hmmm…reminds me of my 20-something kids. Haha).


Alice. There’s not another yarn quite like Alice. I used US5 to knit approx 4.75 stitches to the inch, which was a firm fabric! Kay used Alice for a Carbeth which is gauged at 3.5 stitches to the inch, and a loose fabric.
I’m also interested in knowing how others have worked with this delicious yarn!


I agree that Alice is a bit heavy (the yarn!) for a worsted weight, and think it would sub well for patterns calling for Aran weight. I’m a loose knitter and used Alice CVM Silk for my Carbeth, getting perfect gauge (3.5 sts per inch) on a US 10 needle.

Isn’t it wonderful? I have been wearing the heck out of my Roger cardigan and have just finished my Carbeth.


With the introduction of the Carbeth Cardigan (thanks, Kate! I really could not see myself wearing the original pullover, but the cardigan looks Just Right for me) Alice and I are gearing up for a trip into CC land. My gauge is ready and all I have to do is wind a second skein to be ready for a trip to SC this week. Eddy Wrap is already on my needles, and CC will come along, too.


LOL three times, I added it to my cart and emptied it. I can’t justify buying any more yarn - my only splurge between now and a very long time is the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (only a couple weeks away!).


Be very careful in Edinburgh…it was EYF (and, yes, Rhinebeck) that really got my 2017 yarn buying splurge going!