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Explosive Berry


This is for the folks who were at the Knitting Getaway— my husband has confessed that he would wear socks made from the swag yarn “explosive berry” (yes, Susan, I should have taken you up on your offer!). So if anyone would be willing to donate a skein (I’ll need 2 more). I’d happily pay for postage. I’m Julie Stauffer on the list if you want to email, or pm me on Ravelry (I’m jrs). Is there a way to pm on this forum? I have not investigated that.


Hi Julie! I would be happy to send you my skein. I’m Heather Bond on the list.


I’ll send you mine, too, Julie! Go :boom: :strawberry:!


Yay! I’ll be in touch later this weekend.


Hi Julie. If you need a backup I’d be happy to send you mine. Love that explosive berry emoji combo, cbshiffman! :boom::strawberry:




Can I just say here that I am deeply moved that Explosive Berry is finding its way to a swell pair of socks?

[wipes semi-tear!]


Pattern selected, sock started:


These socks took longer to finish than expected, but here they are (shared from Instagram):


Delighted to see these! Proud that my ball of Explosive Berry is somewhere in there–right toe? left heel? the all-important ankle-covering area?


Julie! They look amazing! What pattern is that? Love the subtlety of it.

Happy new year to you and yours!


They are the Simple Skyp Sock, freely available on Ravelry. I enjoyed making them, except for the part where I had to rip back half a sock because I made a sizing error.
That was one of the reasons why it took so long, well, along with the usual Squirrel! distraction.

And Happy New Year to you as well! I’m holding the fort down here, but look forward to having next week off.


#teamidonatedexplosiveberry !!! Yay, us!