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Favorite Stretchy Bindoff?

I’m doing my first toe-up socks as part of the Giftalong, and just finished the first one. However, attempt #1 to bind off is too tight— I can’t get the sock on past my heel now!

Any tips on favorite stretchy bindoffs?

I love Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Sewn Bind-Off!

Cut a tail 2 1/2 - 3 times the length of the fabric that you are binding off, thread tapestry needle -
Insert the needle into the first 2 stitches on the knitting needle as if to purl and draw the yarn through. Reinsert the needle into the first stitch on the knitting needle as if to knit, draw the yarn through and slip the stitch off.
Repeat the italicized section, continue until all stitches are bound off.


Here is my favourite stretchy cast off for my toe up socks. Stretchy Cast Off: Knit 2, *Insert left needle through the front of these two stitches on the right needle and knit together, pul one, repeat **, purl next stitch, put yarn to back and repeat ** continue to cast off until the end remembering to knit the knits and purl the purls

Having ripped out bind offs not once but twice, I second the sewn bind off. I also tried another one where you sort of add stitches as you bind off and it was too loose. The sewn bind off was just right.


Thank you, everyone! I knit up a little sample cuff with some scrap yarn and am going to try out both of these suggestions before I rip back the sock.

This stretch bind off is pretty great!

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This bind off is pretty great…and easy!

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