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Field Guides: A Subscription?


Hi y’all! I just finished reading about the new pending field guide. I LOVE them. They are beautifully crafted, inspirational, with lovely patterns! I suddenly wondered about having a subscription to them… Dunno if that is a lot of work for Kay and Ann. What do you think?


Oh, yes, pkease!!!


I would sign up for this in a hot minute!


Great idea!


Fabulous idea!!!


I would definitely sign up for this! I love this idea.


I’d also be interested in a subscription to the Field Guides. I have the first 5 and just ordered 6 and 7. Not sure if there is interest but a yarn swatch club would be nice too. I had one for a while with Elann and it was nice to get little bits of yarn to play with - it’s great for getting new ideas!


I asked about this, too, some time ago, and there was at that time some difficulty in making it happen. Don’t know if that had to do with software, hardware, legal matters or what have you. But I buy each one, without a preview. It’s like inviting a work of art into my home.


I would think it would be more complicated than I can imagine. But, oh, how I agree…it is like inviting a work of art into my home! Such gifted creators!


This may not be the forum for this, but I was hoping someone could help me navigate the process of redeeming my field guide download codes. I have done this successfully in the past, but now when I go to it takes me to another page in my search engine.

Thank you in advance.


I just put it in my cart and put the code in like a coupon code and it seems to work to allow you to “buy” it for free.