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Fun Find in my Stash!


We are doing a home improvement project that made it neccessary to completely empty the spare room where my main stash lives in a big armoire. It had been 6 years since any attempt at organizing
In there I found a nice little bag with with 2 skeins of Rowan cashsoft dk in thunder color. I vaguely remember buting it in Utah a long time ago. Now to figure what to knit with it. Maybe another baby surprise jacket. I never get tired of that pattern
. What would YOU knit?

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I’ve only done 1 baby surprise —so I’haven’t gotten past the experience of —“this can’t be right…oh! How amazing!” —you couldn’t go wrong —although a cowl or shawlette would probably be what I would knit. SO fun to find yarn in one’s own stash. Isn’t it?



Gosh, I’ve just done the same. 3 piles—donate, keep for me, and keep and update ravelry for potential sale. A few that I recall why I bought but am no longer interested, and more than a few “what on earth was I thinking “! Destash update coming soon. I love the BSJ. Good luck!

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I found two skeins of the most offensive orange yarn. Not sure what was up with that! Truly not something I would ever use and i have no recollection of it. Oh well.:blush:



Baby jacket in cashmere? O la la!
I make hats our of my “ugly” yarn to donate to the church and the homeless. Been using the slip stitch hat pattern out of MDK #9. Turns ugly yarn into a useful thing of beauty.



Hey maybe that orange yarn could be a hat…hmmm😊
Yep…ooh lala baby sweater. I like that.



I have 5 granddaughters, so trust me, I’ve tried the BSJ. It did not work out; I have no idea why. I was discouraged to think I could be defeated by a mere knitting pattern, but defeated I was. That’s okay, on to the next project!

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I almost always add a hood or collar to my BSJs. And on all but the smallest newborn ones I add a couple inches of ribbing at the sleeves
I do love that pattern. 5 grandaughters! Lucky you Bfenne! I have way mostly boys to knit for.

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The slip stitch hat appears in Field Guide 8.

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I am doing exactly the same thing!

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Thanks for the tip. I have found (at least once) I could do subtitles if I was watching on my laptop -literally on my lap. :blush:

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