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Giftalong 2017: The Reckoning


Right now, this minute, we commence a mad dash to the Finish Line Of Finished Objects. You’re so close . . . Share your strategies, lists, accomplishments, and photos here.

The Rules
Begin, continue, or finish a thing. Really, the goal here is mutual support and momentum sharing. We knit more when we see other people knitting. It is so contagious.

The Hashtag
#MDKgiftalong on Instagram.

The Door Prizes
We’ll be lobbing out random surprises to folks who post their progress on Instagram using the hashtag #MDKgiftalong.

The Deadline
Midnight, December 24. At which point we all declare ENUF!

We’re really looking forward to this. Come on in! The water’s freezing!


Holy cats, am I glad about this venue for last-dash knitting! I was cruising along happily in Group #2, having decided I was NOT knitting any holiday gifts and would just spend the month joyfully knitting for myself. Then, I apparently came down with some kind of brain fever and decided that since my oldest is having a sleepover for a few friends for her December birthday, I would knit all the girls hats as party favors. I did this last year, too - I made 3 super-chunky ponytail hats for her friends because I had already made one for my daughter and everyone loved it. So now I’m planning to knit four chunky hats for this year’s guests, too, with a Dec. 16 party date. WHY O WHY. I guess I don’t have to remain committed to this plan, but the yarn is ordered, and I’m kind of feeling into the challenge. And I can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing for deadline knitting!


It all started innocently enough - I decided to knit a CC Copycat Beanie for myself. Somehow, that morphed into knitting hats for all the females on the in-law side, which then meant yarn shopping because I had nothing approaching worsted in Christmas knitting quantities in stash, which led to the realization that I needed bigger DPNs for the decreases because, well, you just DO. And since each hat is different, and at a different (somewhat) gauge, that meant multiple sets of DPNs.

Did I mention that I have an Advent cowl starting tomorrow as well?


Here I am…Trekking XXXXXLLLL and dpns in hand (trembling somewhat until the spiked mulled cider arrives).


Hi everybody!

SO chuffed to be in the company of fellow schemers and dreamers.

On my fantasy dream list:

Finish Ann Weaver’s Sommerfeld Shawl for sister.

Finish Tin Can Knits’ Little Tern Blanket for baby who has arrived thus upping the urgency.

Finish Rachel Coopey’s Antirrhinum Socks and conquer the eyelet problem that plagued me.

Possibly reality:
Ignore all those and work on Caitlin Hunter’s Birkin sweater.


Chunky is going to save the day here. Lucky you to have a hardcore deadline to hit.


Last night I finished knitting 2 of 4 giftmas lace-weight cowls. It still needs to be blocked so it isn’t truly finished yet. I had originally planned to knit 3 which means I’d be over half-way done but decided to add one more to the mix a few days ago.

Now, did I immediately start cowl no. 3 and bring it with me to work (and later to the opera this evening)? Of course not, I have selfish knitting in my bag for that!

On top of that – postal requirements means that my deadline is a bit earlier than Dec 24.


I have a set of hedgehog mittens not completed from last year’s Christmas marathon, a hat and mittens set, possibly some ornaments, two children’s vests and a pair of socks to complete.

Currently on the needles - Hei cowl, two pairs of socks, Hadley sweater, knitted bunny missing a dress and appendages, child’s sweater. Only the child’s sweater is actually a Christmas gift.

Question: if a sister-in-law comes up to the knitting says, oh, I like that, it’s cute. Is this just an observation or request to receive said knitting?


If a SIL is admiring post-Thanksgiving knitting, I would squirrel that information away for when it’s closer to her birthday. I’d especially do that looking at your incredible list of to-dos! Good luck! (I love making hedgehog mittens!)


Yes, they are all getting the same chunky hat, and I’m ready to spend some quality time with Miss Fisher’s Mysteries to make my deadline!


Nope, nope, nope. A gift request has to come with a “please” and a “thank you.” That was just an observation. (But you might put it away in your memory file for future gift-giving, just not THIS Christmas.)


I was firmly going to be in Group 2 this year, but then at Thanksgiving my dad asked my brother for a store-bought beanie like he was wearing, and I thought oh no! He needs a hand-knit hat! So now it’s a hat for my dad and fingerless gloves for my mom, patterns and yarn have been purchased. And of course I’ll knit a couple of little ornaments and Christmas doo-dads because that’s just fun. :slight_smile: Hat is Mistake Rib beanie from Churchmouse and mitts will be Cross My Palm mitts from Kate Atherley.
Cross My Palm Mitts
Mistake Rib Beanie


I love Miss Fisher! Thanks for the suggestions!


I love that show too!!


I am feverishly trying to finish a sweater for my grand dog so he does not freeze his coconuts off in Wisconsin. He’s bigger than his brother (that I already knitted for), and I stupidly selected a sport weight yarn – so I’ve been going round and round for a few nights now. I’m trying to keep my focus – which keeps drifting off to starting a swirl hat from the Sequences Field Guide, which is distracting me with its siren call…not to mention the other pictures of giftalong ideas…it’s as if you’ve shouted squirrel in the dog park…


Firmly in Group 1 this year. One grandson sweater is done and his brother’s… well, it’s my 22-hour-a-day project. Plus the sweater for a granddaughter which is likely to be a January birthday gift rather than for Christmas. (Love those winter birthdays!) Will post on Instagram if I can figure out how. Then I decided to make a Celtic hat for my husband with fingering-weight Donegal yarn I got last winter at Madrona. But of course, I can’t work on it when he’s in the room, which is Nearly Always. I’ve taken to knitting half a row while he’s in the shower. So I guess there’s a bit of Group Three in there, too.
I have nine grandchildren, two married kids (and my husband has two plus one who is divorced), two married brothers, and lots of friends… in other words, plenty of people to knit for. My secret weapon is randomness – I make things for Christmas and birthdays randomly, so they don’t necessarily expect a handknit, but occasionally they get one.


Not nearly in the same category as you prolific people, but fliptop mittens for grandson (Mr. Gigantic Hands), granddaughter and daughter. Also a flamingo and a tunic for great grandniece.


I was SO much into Group No. 2 that I decided to watch the rest of you participate and I would be inspired…But then I remembered the Blue Sky Fibers cabled fingerless mitts (a great go to gift for anyone) and the Quince &Co.LLBean boots for my first grandson…not to mention the Woolie Bullies New Harbor Mitts kit (3 pair in a kit…can’t go wrong!) In the meantime, I’m trying to finish Woolfolk Marmor…a gift for me…not sure how to prioritize so I’ll just “stay calm and knit on…”


I’m not sure what group I really fall into – I usually pick only one person to knit for each year, so that means I only have one project to finish. I thought I had it made this year because my mom asked for this mohair lace shawl knit on size 19 needles. It should be finished in no time at all, but I am struggling so hard with this sticky, hairy yarn on these giant needles! It has taken me a whole day to knit 8 rows, and my stitch count has been off by as many as 9 extra stitches. HOW in the world did that happen? And I haven’t even reached the part yet when I have to switch to the boucle mohair lace yarn. This may end up being a project that never gets finished.


Squirrel in the dog park! Squirrel in the dog park!