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Giftalong 2017: The Reckoning


I need to learn this technique. I have done it before ages ago, need to recapture that learning.


the buttons are on and the name is stitched. My daughter will have to wait for next year for her stocking. Nothing like deciding to make stockings for all a week before Christmas!!!


Oh, what wonderful things to see. Can’t believe you cranked that stocking
so fast! Well done!

Merry Christmas to you!


I love all of these! Way to get the kids involved, woot!


It will come right back to you; it’s so soothingly zen. I wrote a little tutorial pattern; it’s a free pdf download on my blog. Petite Brioche; it’s a little snack!


Was on vacation all week. Really just knit all day everyday!!! My dream vacation!

this is what my daughter will get and will wait for full size stocking next year!


Thank you so much! May have to cast on - AFTER I finish the
Christmas gift hat that I am behind on.


Finished yet another cotton dishcloth/hotpad. Mosaic knitting, goes quickly!


You’re so welcome! Putting on devil horns here, but maybe you should sub this for the hat. It’s like a hat, but no top, so it’s much FASTER.



Last gift cowl is off the needles and getting its soak before blocking!


Adorable! I bet the duplicate-stitching and end-weaving-in took as much time as the knitting.


Pairs #2 and #3 of Ann Weaver’s Squad Mitts should be dry in time for a quick gift-wrapping before tomorrow night. Not shown: pair #4, barely finished and pair #5, in need of one last thumb. I am so addicted to these I don’t plan to stop after the 25th. Every woman needs a pair IMO.


Those colors! Love these so much! Merry Christmas!


I keep a pair in my car for cold mornings holding the steering wheel!


Wow that is a lovely sweater, lucky sons!


Ok my knitting has to stop here, apart from my brother in law’s hat from the serial knitting field guide in Ripples Crafts lovely Assynt Lochs. Tally so far, 9 Churchmouse Elves…I have gifted two but the rest don’t want to leave home, at least two more will have to . 10 needle felted Tomte gnomes. One Woolly a Wormhead “hat a long” new hat for my lovely neighbour, one pair of dragon scale crochet fingerless mitts, one embroidered Game of Thrones tree for my sister (started two years ago…finished last week), one Woolly Wormhead Wide Ribbed Beanie for elder son and one Sewn construction wool Gandalf hat, Tomorrow three church services and wrapping presents leaves no more room for making. Good luck and good knitting to everyone else.


Alison’s churchmouse elves. Anne’s advice about not falling in love with your knitting fame a little too late for me. I must remember not to knit things with characters of their own!


On the subject of things to do while knitting, I love Carols from King’s College, 3pm Christmas Eve live on BBC radio4. If you can access the radio iPlayer from the BBC. I could while on a trip to Houston, Texas. A very serene way to begin Christmas.


I finished my sister’s cowl. I love how different the right and wrong sides look.

And then I found this dropped stitch. Easily fixed, thank goodness!


WOO HOO!! I’M DONE!! Christmas Eve knitting will be relaxing and selfish. Here are the last three gifts, finished today as I watched a CSI marathon on the telly. Merry Christmas everyone!!