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Giftalong 2017: The Reckoning


Me too! Done at 1 a.m. on Christmas Eve morning. I have all day tomorrow to bask in my success. I thought I was going to have to wrap this on the needles, so I’m very pleased. Hope hubby is, too.


That is gorgeous, and fast! Merry Christmas


I love the shape of this! How tall is the cabled brim, before the flat-ish top? I’m playing with a headband that wants to be a hat!


CSI is excellent knit accompaniment, unless it changes your gauge! Game of Thrones made mine tighter…go figure!


Hi Michelle - I could bring the hat to the next Puddletown KG meeting (Jan. 11) if you want to see it in person. I’d say the cabled part is about 2 to 2 1/2" high. Pretty sure the pattern is available free on Ravelry. (Promise me you won’t point out all the mistakes.)


Thank you all! I have seen these and wondered what they are called anywhere to get them.

Season’s best!


I’d love to see your hat! I’m brioche-ing my way around a headband and thinking I’ll turn it into a hat for my niece. It will either be tall enough, or not tall enough! I think tall enough, and the bottom edge can be turned up if it’s too tall.

I really do need to stop so I can bake a cake. But it’s so much fun.


I followed the knit along on Ravelry (as akwenstrup). I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a day full of joy. I loved the kal- but it had the unfortunate side effect of growing my queue- with projects for me. I hope all your gifts were received with appreciation and recognition of the love the Knits embodied.

I only had one gift knit this year, but one was enough. A Lopi sweater for my sweetheart.


It is a beautiful gift.


Awesome colors. Did you dye in pot or “paint” the color on?


I made 9 or 10 of these this year, once I figured out how to do mosaic, looks like you have it down…


I really want to make one of those! I also want to figure out the “engineering.”


Thanks! They squirted the colors on with syringes, so…“paint”?


Thanks! It was a fun knit. I’m going to fix the sleeve length and then we’ll be set.

they need a few rows removed and then it’ll be just about right. I wish I’d made the body a bit slimmer as well- but he’s pleased with the ease.


I am so far behind, I think I’m ahead! I got a last minute request for a layette for a friend of a friend. Normally, at this time of year, I would have said no but the woman was so sweet and it took the expectant parents ten years to get pregnant so I got all mushy inside and said yes. The sweater is just about done (thanks to a snowy Saturday–I knit for over 12 hours straight to get the fiddly bits done) and the blanket is well on its way. I’m using up some vacation time so I’m pretty sure I’m going to make it.


I won’t get into the details but suffice it to say, it shook me up. Made me realize that people being safe, healthy and happy is the most important thing. I stopped making myself crazy and you know what? Things worked out just fine. My niece and my soon to be nephews gifts got done. My other niece got one sock (although I swear I knit the other one but I can’t find it anywhere.) My dad got one sock as well. My mom got a picture of what she’s getting and the layette is in good shape.

I relaxed and made some holiday treats to drop off at friends’ houses on Saturday night (well at one we just sat in the car and talked which was lovely), I slept when I wanted to and got up when I wanted to. For the most part I stayed offline and just did real life for a few days. I highly recommend it!


Wow. This is so pretty.


Thanks so much! Just wish it had used up that giant Lopi stash! I’m on the hunt for patterns that will use what I’ve got!


I seem to be in a post-holiday slump. Finished one sock of my husband’s giant socks, and I am working on the second one, but I have run out of steam. Ugh.


Checking back in. I managed to complete several holiday knitting/crochet projects, including one on the MUST KNIT BY CHRISTMAS.

  1. Two crocheted wash clothes for my mom. Used 2 different patterns from the 200 crochet squares book. Sadly no photo evidence.

  2. Crochet tiny Christmas trees for my brother and sister. They both generally travel at Christmas so don’t put up trees. I thought a tiny tree would be a fun thing for each of them to have. LED “rice” lights complete the look.

  3. The Pup Pouch. This is a long languishing project. A few yeas ago my kiddo requested a pouch to carry his beloved pups. I made one out of sock yarn which was way too stretchy to be useful. This is version 2.0 made out of some purchased t-shirt yarn (gray) and some homemade from outgrown t-shirts. Not gonna lie, this was a bugger and was completed at 11:30 PM on Christmas Eve, but kiddo loves it.