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Giftalong 2017: The Reckoning


Hi Judy! Instagram is a cruel mistress—we can see Instagram posts on
laptops and desktops, but to post a photo requires you to use your

Can’t wait to see what you’re up to!


Still trying to figure this out. I posted 8 photos on Instagram, but how do I tell them to appear on the MDK Instagram account? And what is the name of it again? (Chemo brain, similar to Swiss cheese, hopefully only temporary.) Also wondering how to edit photos or text.


I love, love, love that pattern. Do please write and release.


Hi Judy—it’s all mysterious! :slightly_smiling_face: To edit your Instagram post, click on the
three-dot icon in the top right corner above your post image. Click edit,
and you can change the text. You can’t edit a photo once you’ve posted it;
you have to delete the post and start over.

To make sure that we see your Giftalong pix, just put the hashtag
#MDKgiftalong in the text of your post.

Hope you’re feeling great soon! Xo Ann


Ann, I am SO GRATEFUL to you for following up on this. But it still doesn’t work. There is no three-dot icon to the upper right of my post. The only place I see one is if I want to post a new comment, and then it says “embed” and some other things that I don’t recognize. Do you have any more suggestions to offer?

I will try putting up a new post that says #MDKgiftalong and see what happens.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!



Okay, finally got the kit I ordered today! Cast on this,evening. Posted a picture on instagram with the hashtag!
The yarn color is no where near the shade shown in the picture, but is slowly drawing me in. The fiber itself is like knitting with a cloud. I will chip away at this project as much as possible and see how far I can get before the big day!


I made and delivered six pairs of Ann Weaver’s delightful squad mitts back in October. Per my habit of knitting all year and stuffing things into my “Christmas closet,” I have a shawl, a poncho and a wrap boxed and beribboned. A sweater complete. A wee hat finished and another in process.
However, I’m plowing ahead on a zippered vest whose recipient is arriving next week, the same week we throw a party for about 70 people.
It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine.


Hi Judy, you can also reply to your existing posts to add the #MDKgiftalong tag.


I’ve never found a way to post to instagram from my computer – always had to use my phone or iPad with the application there.


A ZIPPER! Way to up the stakes! It sounds like you are headed for glory.
Good luck!


My plan is to knit a tie for my daughter’s boyfriend, who I drew in our, not so secret Santa drawing. He is a professor and I thought a linen tie since they live in Tx. And I have not started yet. If only I could find that yarn.


Please post pattern!! It is a keeper:)


I had the Christmas knitting nicely under control until a light bulb went off just after Thanksgiving and I decided to make 6 scarves for my sister and family. I’m doing the scarf from the Boyfriend Set, so it’s fairly simple, but to get them mailed in time I need to knit 1/2 skein of MT Tosh DK daily. I’m on number 5, the pattern is still great, but I’m developing a callus on the side of my middle finger from the needle rubbing!


Thanks for the encouragement. I decided to put it away until after the holidays. It has made it easier to concentrate on the intarsia Christmas stocking for my new baby grand daughter.


Oh, Miss Fisher is a fan fave at this house, too.


“Brewing like a crazy sneeze”!!! That is EXACTLY THE FEELING!
I’m thinking I could pop out a Birkin and a blanket and something cabled in my spare time… HAH!


You’ve got this! We believe in you!!! Also, I have renewed faith in Canada Post, after mailing a few things up to Canada last week and being gobsmacked that most of them have already arrived.


Llama and sheep!!! This is a fantastic pattern. Did you write it? Is it published somewhere? I would make that cowl in a hot second if you point me to where I can buy the pattern.


Giving up on Instagram for the moment, I will post yesterday’s photo of my three projects here. On the left is the complicated sweater I’m making for my grandson, hope to get the sleeves and body attached today and get going on the yoke, placket and collar. Have to get this into the mail/UPS soon, as he lives across the country. In the middle is the Celtic hat I hope to make for my husband. In addition to the five stitches cast on in the photo, I now have about two rows of ribbing – long way to go on this. On the right are the pattern and yarn for some boot toppers I want to make for a friend, which project is still a pipe dream. Hopefully the pattern title is true and they will only take an hour. Anyway, I’m knitting as fast as I can while maintaining a somewhat normal life and meeting my other responsibilities.


Forgot photo. Here it is: