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Giftalong 2017: The Reckoning


Cowl no. 3 (the one with the nupps) bound off and blocking right now! One more to go, but I won’t be able to start it for another week.


I was totes in group two until about a week ago when I realized I’d need to have some knitting for a trip, lest I go stir crazy in the airports, and it was like the flood-gates opened. I want to cast on All The Things. Fortunately, the trip was productive, and I’ve got two pairs of heavy boot socks, two scarves and a cowl in the gift-bin to show for the sitting-in-airports time. Makes me want to cast on a Birkin, or something…


I had Very Firmly decided not to knit Christmas presents this year. The year of 26 knitted gifts was insane. Besides, I have a new baby to look after so not much time to knit. But obviously I can’t give store-bought gifts. I decided to make a few different varieties of biscotti and give a selection to each sibling and spouse, along with local tea and coffee.

Then I thought, surely I could knit dishclothes too! So I’ve finished one and started the second Mason Dixon dishcloth from the first book.

Most of my siblings are into cooking, except for one. So I’ll make knitted bookmarks for that package.

I’m not sure how far I have to go. I feel like every completed gift is an above-and-beyond bonus.


I’m firmly in group 2; I don’t like deadline knitting. Usually I knit/design all year, and then shop my samples in December if I want to give a handknit gift. Sounds smug, and simple, yes?

So I fell in love with a yarn last month, and designed the Cannon Beach Cowl. And kept knitting more sizes with different yarns. The green/purple one will be a gift for BFF Carole. Accidental gift knitting.

But I decided it needed matching mitts, so now I really am gift knitting, just a little. I’m down to the last thumb, including a game of yarn chicken. Only problem is that I sent it aside for a couple days, and now I’m knitting something else, and it’s hard to go back. MAKE ME.


I have scarf #5 on the needles now. Son’s weasely sweater (in tiny ornament form) is done, and so are the christmas ornaments with bad words. I really want to get this last scarf finished tomorrow. Fortunately I have discovered the Star Wars movies are all available on On Demand right now.

Knit without ceasing.


Hope springs eternal, folks.

I was out running errands today, and I accidentally bought Christmas Candy-Cane sock yarn (and a set of needles, because I was OUT, and didn’t have any needles on me) and started ANOTHER pair of socks. (what are the odds that folks will notice me knitting in the choir loft tomorrow morning?)


I accidentally buy sock yarn and needles on a regular basis. I have about 6 sets of #1 double points. Oops. If anybody sees you knitting in choir they will be impressed with your ability to multitask. This is crunch time and extreme measures must be taken. You can do it.


I double dog dare ya!


This all sounds completely awesome to me. Sometimes a hard pivot is the
only way to go!

Wishing all excellent Sunday knitting!


Hat & vest done. Picture includes the mittens that were finished last weekend (because “picture or it didn’t happen”). Other pair of mittens and pair of yoga socks on needles. Then one pair fingerless mitts, another hat, and Mother’s housecoat (sewn not knit) to go. T-minus fifteen days.


Okay about a quarter of the way thru my project! Just posted on instagram.

Oooh yay me! Figured out how to put the pic on here, lol!


Thanks for the kick in the pants!

Done! And that game of yarn chicken was closer than I thought it would be.

Now to wash and block. Did I wasn and block a swatch to make sure the yarn was colorfast? Of course not! So here goes a new game of chicken. I’m not sure it really needs blocking, but the strands of the wave pattern might hang together a little better with blocking. This plyed yarn doesn’t stick to itself the way the single ply Malabrigo Merino Worsted does.


I really didn’t think you needed it - I just love saying “double dog dare ya”. They turned out beautiful!


Sleepover party hats are DONE! (The bad news is that this makes me think more pre-Christmas knitting is possible.)



I’m a combo Group 1/Group 3. I have a couple of items that I feel are MUST KNIT BY CHRISTMAS. But then I keep finding other cute, doodad, stocking stuffer fun stuff to add to the list. The MUST KNIT - a scarf for my sis, which is actually a 50th birthday gift due 12/29 (we don’t do Christmas gifts anymore), but I will only see her on Christmas day, so must be done and wrapped. And a “pup pouch” - a bag for my son to carry his beloved stuffed animals “the pups”. This is a project that has been lurking around for a couple of years, the time has come to FINISH. Then there’s the other stuff - ornaments for my SILs, mini Christmas tree for my brother, ear bud pouches for my sis & her husband, a couple of face clothes for my mom and aunt. I can get that all done in 2 weeks…right?


I think my youngest daughter is messing with me… I knit a troll hat for a friend’s son (because what’s cuter than a mischievous five year old in a troll hat?) and Layla made an impassioned argument that 1) this one should be hers, and 2) I should also knit them for several other friends in the age group so they can be “long distance twinsies”.


The HEI cowl is complete. I’ve also finished the hat for the hat and mittens set I plan to knit and another hat for me just needs the final details. I cast on for mittens tonight!


That is just the coolest stitch pattern–looks so great with a gradient
yarn. Beautiful!


Clearly a master momnipulator!


Worked on my gift to myself…Marmor…while waiting for size 3 double points to restock at LYS (who doesn’t have extra double points on hand? Not me, I guess). Starting Bully Woolies fingerless mitts tonight