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Giftalong 2017: The Reckoning


Here is my Christmas knitting for 2017, where it is the Yeat of the Dishcloth, 13 of them altogether. And they are done!


Update: The last Gift That Must Be Mailed is on the needles. That’s right. The pink mittens flew off my needles and the turquoise fingerless mitts are underway. Target for the final trip to the post office is Friday. After that I have 3 gifts left (2 knit & 1 sewn) but they’re all for delivery by us on Christmas day, and I’m not working next week, so I should have plenty time. I might even get caught up on the Advent KALendar shawl (which has been in time out for the last 3 days while I knit & mail things).


I have been knitting like a fiend…

Susan B. Anderson’s Three French Hens

Blue Leaf Headband (free on Ravelry)

Under all this yarn is a coffee table. There are fingerless mitts from Church Mouse, Acorn pincushions (ornaments), even a blanket. I have also knit a few scarves. I am positively giddy!

Needless to say, I am retired! How sweet it is!


This totally makes my day! Such fun!


Really joyful! That stitch pattern is very cool. A baker’s dozen!


I love the three French hens!


Help! I’ve fallen down the 2 color brioche in the round rabbit hole! I want to knit several ear/headbands, just for fun so I can give them away. Mostly because this is the most calming stitch pattern ever; i’m just goiing around in zen circles with it.

I, um, bought more yarn today because it matches a friend’s coat.


That looks like so much fun!


I also find 2 color brioche to be zen knitting. sigh.


I completely understand! A dear friend of mine sent me an unexpected Christmas gift, a beautiful pair of socks she knitted herself. As we rarely exchange gifts–she lives in Germany and mailing costs are extortionate–I was caught off guard.

So I’m knitting an “emergency” reindeer toy (she likes stuffed toys) from an Amanda Berry pattern and hoping it will get there by New Year’s, if I finish it… today. Gah!


The last gift cowl is on the needles!


Curiously, it’s easier than 2 color brioche knitted flat. I took a class last winter, and had to think! This takes no thinking at all.

Finished one, and on to another…


Woohoo!! The mittens for my nieces are done and off to the post office today! All three patterns are by Kate Atherley: Twisting (turquoise), Wine Trail (pink), and Instant Mash (green). Now there are only three gifts lefts and all can be delivered by us on Christmas Day. Surely with 10 days to go I can knock out a pair of yoga socks (sock #1 is already on the needles), a toque, and a housecoat (sewn not knit).


Way to go–when I read “housecoat,” I thought: that might be a bit of a
challenge. But then: “sewn!” PIECE OF CAKE!


DS specifically requested the A-Maze-ing Scarf
for Christmas. It’s double-knit; you can push a marble along inside the scarf to solve the maze.
I bought worsted-weight cashmere, so he would actually wear it it I managed to complete it. My swatch looks awful! It took forever! I think I have to go down several needle sizes. Panicking.


I’ve never seen such a pattern–how cool!


How I wish I wasn’t constitutionally incapable of starting my gift-knitting before December 1st. I just never get inspired early enough in the season, but as December progresses I come up with all kinds of impossible ideas and goals. So far, in the “all done” category, I have this

and also this (minus snaps that need to be sewn in)

Ann Weaver’s Squad Mitts are totally addictive, not to mention fast; 3 nights of knitting yield one pair. I plan to make a few more, and then return to a Noro blanket that will make a nifty gift for a good friend’s Christmas birthday. Yikes! (my apologies for the giant photo files – I have no idea how to post something smaller).


Oh gah, that doll sweater is adorable. And yes, the Squad Mitts are
dangerous. I kept dreaming up new color combos.


So pretty, each in their own way!


I’ve finished the mohair nightmare, and it’s all packed and ready to ship.