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Giftalong 2017: The Reckoning


It’s so snowy! Love it.

I just finished my mohair flurffy fest, the Sommerfeld Shawl. Ends to
weave, the glorious transformation of blocking, then off to my recipient.
Feels so great to finish something!


Well done! It’s beautiful. Reminiscent of the Orenburg warm shawls but a modern take. Nice.


Congratulations! I like to think that projects have two finishes: the knitting and the blocking. Celebrate doubly!


I am laughing because I was so happy to complete the Veronika cardigan I was gifting and get it blocked and shipped that I did not even take a picture!
My lesson for 2018-stick to hats and scarves for gifts. Being under the knit gun is no fun!


That sounds a lot like me. The more I knit the more ideas I have. Right now I am trying to convince myself I don’t have time to start any new big projects. I may be failing.


Oh please, pray tell, what are the Christmas ornaments with bad words? I’m intrigued!


Because I gave up on the sweater for my grandson (but we’ll be spending three days at the beach next week, and I hope to get it at least into shape to go into hibernation briefly, and I’ll give it to him for his 2/23 ninth birthday), [whew!], I decided to go full steam ahead on the Trellis and Moss stitch Aran hat for my husband. What a struggle it has been!

I’m making 9 repeats instead of ten, because who has a 25" head? Did the ribbing in K1tbl, P1 because it really stands out. Got up to row 9 and couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and I was struggling with the magic loop technique with a too-short needle. Rush ordered some Kollage square circs with a VERY flexible cable, but they are back ordered, so borrowed some with a less flexible (but at least long enough) cable from a friend.

Then ripped out all 9 rows, back to the ribbing. HOURs and HOURS of knitting ripped out, but now I’m going gangbusters and have completed row 11. I grab this project every time hubby leaves the house and usually manage to get 2-4 rows done before he gets back. I’m resigned to giving it to him still on the needle, but I’m knitting like a fiend whenever I can because hope.


Good work; It is going to be beautiful. I can knit things for my husband right in front of him and, until I spring it on him, he just assumes it is for someone else.


Your are not done yet, you have to make one for me. I love it.


One pair of Harborside Mitts are done…more to follow, I pray.


I love those three French Hens! I had to get the pattern, too.


I’ve pared down further than hats. Ear warmers. They’re like hats, only you stop knitting after 3 1/2 inches. Bind off!


I finished a hat for my brother before this thread started, and I’m not supposed to be doing gifts for my parents. However. My mother requested a hat because the first time in forever she wants one, and my mother is the only truly knitworthy person in my immediate family. I was initially going to cast on on my flight on the 23rd because it’s a transatlantic flight, and this isn’t really a Christmas present. But I decided on a patterned hat, so I cast on yesterday and am over halfway done.

Work will take away precious knitting time, but I hope I can get it blocked and dry by Saturday. If not, well it’s not a Christmas present.


oJust finished and blocked in front of a portable heater the Love and Happiness cowl for my daughter. She will be here Tuesday morning so must be dried and wrapped by then! Am working full time so this project took forever, but is so pretty! I knitted 2 hats for my older son, one cabled and one fair isle as well. I gave my sister in law the helix mitts I made this year. That sums up my holiday gift knitting. Now I just need to wrap and cook😳


What a beautiful color–what’s the yarn you’re using?


Oh, how beautiful in that creamy shade. I have my second Love and Happiness
all done except the grafting and blocking–you just inspired me to finish


It’s Tanis Fiber Arts Orange Label in a club colorway that I honestly couldn’t name, but it’s exclusive so… Her regular color ways Ravine, Mallard, and Lotus have similarities.


I was in Group 2 for most of the season, but then thought, wouldn’t it be fun to let my kids dye yarn with Kool-Aid and then knit them hats from it? So I ordered yarn and bought Kool-Aid and waited a few weeks for the first trimester of my Super Surprise Middle-Aged Pregnancy to pass. Turned the kitchen into a very aromatic and messy Science Experiment Station for an afternoon (very aromatic. Waiting for the second trimester was prescient), and thanks to Season 2 of The Crown, am now done with three bulky-weight hats and just need to block them.

I’ve never been a holiday gift-knitter but I can TOTALLY see the appeal now. Even for just three bulky-weight hats, the Smug when you finish is hard to beat!


Oooh! I love those colors together.


I was not going to knit any gifts but then my husband asked for a hat so that will be started tomorrow. I’ve finished my In Threes sweater for my new granddaughter ( it just needs buttons). But now for some reason I decided to make new stockings for the two youngest kids (15 & 17) and the three grandkids ( not sure those will get done!!!). There’s always next year!!! Thankfully I’m on vacation all week!!!