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Giftalong 2017: The Reckoning


If it helps, I made a last minute decision to try to finish a hat for my husband. The difference is that he knows I’m knitting it. It’s actually good he knows – I’m knitting the bulletproof aran hat for him, and it’s supposed to be good up to 24". However, it turned out to be too tight. I found this out a bit more than halfway through, and had to rip back to the beginning and re-jigger.

Ah, well…it just means I get to spend more time knitting, right? It’s not like I don’t like knitting.


This is so pretty! I’ve really got to make one of these sometime.


The last three “I thought this would be faster” gifts are on the needles, but carpal tunnel has been throwing a large wrench in my knitting plans so nothing is faster… Yoga socks for Gramma (no heels or toes. Hurrah!), a hat for my daughter, and a cowl for my neighbour,(both Aran weight) are all in progress. I have 6 days left. Well, 5 days really because tomorrow is “Make Your Mother A Housecoat Day”. Is everyone celebrating that or just me?


Make Your Mother a Housecoat Day needs to be a national day of
celebration. My mom’s housecoat (OK, one of her numerous robes, caftans,
housecoats) was seersucker, with eyelet lace at the cuffs and along the
edge where the zipper was


Here is a picture. I will let you fill in the rest of the letters. I can fit any 4-letter word into the pattern. So far I have done 3 with the F word, and one that says nope. (I hope I haven’t offended anyone, we tend to be pretty irreverent around here. If I HAVE offended anyone, I am sorry, and the powers that be can take this down if it is deemed uncool).


OK, I have fallen from group 2 to group 3. Now knitting madly away on a cowl for my sister, who is a big University of Oregon Ducks fan. Check out the O’s on this brioche cowl.

(I can’t post this picture on Instagram. My sister follows me there.)

I’ve definitely fallen down the brioche knitting rabbit hole. I guess it all started with that Never Fail Scarf from MDK last winter. Thanks, Ann & Kay! Blog post here, if you’re interested.


There will be no lace edge or other decorative trim on this. Although I’ve made one of those in the past – a Victorian-inspired, lace & ruffle-covered nightgown and robe set. This is the basic, cotton, yoke-neck, button-down housecoat that I’ve made in the past for her. I think I can do it in one day. I’ll go to The Makery ( and use their studio space with the giant cutting tables.


I made two sweaters in one day!


So so so so cute!

And two in a day—hilarious!


Adorable. Where did you find the tiny hangers?


I made them from craft wire. I wrapped the top of the hanger around a Sharpie pen for the roundness and the rest of the hanger is a triangle. I then sewed the sweater to it at the top corners. All mini patterns are free on Berroco Minutia.


P.S. The heart was added last as duplicate stitch.


Finished the New(lyweds) Ancestral Christmas Stockings in time! Wahoo! Cannot post to Instragram though because I do not want my daughter to see them till Christmas morning.


Those are AWESOME!!!


Here are 2 of our 3 Kool-Aid hats. I haven’t managed to get the pompom on the third one yet. Also not sure if the kids are going to let me take these away long enough to wrap them.


These are just amazing. What a memorable Christmas project and gift…


I was gifted a large stash of Lopi from the family of a dear friend who passed away last December 23rd. Younger daughter picked a pattern for a sweater to use it. Ironically, I had to buy new yarn because there wasn’t enough in the gifted stash for the background. So I still have a lot!


This is completely GORGEOUS.


Thank you very much. I am usually firmly in the camp of Outsource All Kid Crafting, so this was a pleasant surprise!
This was the third–just sewed in the ends.


Thanks so much, you’re very kind!