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Giftalong 2017: The Reckoning


I wonder if you could fit more swears in on my Never Fail Ornament? LOL :grin:


And I’m done! One Sockhead Slouch (fingering yarn and that many stitches = never again) and a pair of Honey Mitts to accompany a previously knitted Honey Cowl. On to selfish knitting! First up a pair of house slippers to bring to MILs house with no rugs or carpeting.


Gorgeous. Wha is the pattern?


Pattern is Keflavik, from a very, very old Reynolds Lopi pattern book. Details on my Ravelry account, you can find me at “Rodeorose”.


Wow. Those are amazing.


I would be willing to try. :wink:


I decided at Thanksgiving to make a sweater for my son. I finished with enough time to make a second one for my second son! Here is the first, Seamless Hybrid made with Peace Fleece and contrasting hem in some stash Patons Rustic Wool. Second version just needs a collar. Thank goodness for the second season of The Crown, I knitted almost a whole sweater while watching!


Ysolda dragoste for my daughter! Hot off the needles and being blocked!


Make Your Mother A Housecoat Day was a success! There is now a housecoat wrapped & under the tree. Now I have four days to knit 1/2 of a Suture hat (blue), 2/3 of an Ambrosia cowl (undyed), and 3/4 of a pair of Lemon Squeeze yoga socks (black & white).


Wonderful! The top part in a different color is something I never
considered–such a cool effect.


Such a lovely thing. Do you like using those blocking thingies? Always on
the prowl to improve my blockng game . . .


Thanks — the way the pattern was written, so — not my idea!


Not mel.conway, but YES those blocking thingies are worthwhile!

Actual name is Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers


I finished my hubby’s hat!!! And almost done with son’s stocking!!


I am still knitting one gift for the third time! I made a hat for a friend - I hated the hat when it was done, it had design errors. It just wasn’t going to work. I didn’t feel like frogging that yarn and starting again. It was stash yarn. So, I went out and bought another yarn, started a different hat pattern. Last weekend, I was nearly finished with that hat and I realized that the yarn and the pattern were not meant to be together. SO I frogged it. I found a better pattern for the yarn and now have that on the needles. I needed to mail the other parts of the gift to this friend and I included a note that one item would be coming later due to a manufacturer (me) encountering a delay. :slight_smile:

The December baby sweater did get finished and to the mom-to-be for her baby due any day now.
I got the work auction item done in time for the auction. So there were some successes. Once I finish the hat, I will begin work on a dog sweater and then it will be on to the January logalong to make my son’s promised blanket.
I am happy to be getting back into my knitting groove. I have missed it. It was too long of a knitting break.


Yes! The blocking strips are great when you want a straight edge on something that also needs a bit of a pull to open it up! In this case, I find the pins tend to give a scalloped edge. Plus, I am gadget girl! Always try a gadget if it exists!


Mine are called Knit blockers by Knit pro (from UK amazon)


Tremendous! Love these both.


Thank you! I will take a look.


Done! I knitted two Seamless Hybrids for my two sons, staring on Thanksgiving. I wrote out general patterns based on their sizes using Knitting Without Tears Seamless Hybrid Version 4, details on ravelry at mbknits! Merry Christmas everyone!